Purple Trail Content Planner*

"Our Content Planners will help you plan your content strategies throughout the year and help you reach your social media and business goals. The Content Planner features a Vertical Weekly layout that’s optimized for planning and tracking your posts and tasks for each week. All Content Planners are available in two sizes – 8.5” x 11” and 6” x 8”. Choose the start month that’s right for your unique business."

The Purple Trail content planner was the perfect New Year's gift to myself. You really can't start your year any better than treating yourself to a brand new planner to get you through the year. I opted for the completely customizable Sparkly Faux Gold Glitter Content Planner. With this planner, I got to choose the size, cover type, color, if I wanted the inside to be colorful or neutral, how many months I wanted and what month I wanted the planner to start. Purple Trail also gives you a section to select if you want to add any extras and if you do you can pick up to four. The extras include notes paper, to do list, password list, bill tracker, checklist, graph paper, important dates, puzzles, dotted grid, appointment tracker and so many more. Your options are truly endless and Purple Trail makes it easy to make your planner just for you. When I finally got my planner just three days after completely customizing it I fell in love. Honestly, I don't know if I have ever had such a high-quality planner. It is heavy, feels luxe and you instantly know just by scanning through the pages that you got your money's worth. 
Purple Trail makes a huge variety of different items including personalized invitations, cards, planners and stationary with an incredibly big variety. You can absolutely find something you love on Purple Trail, I guarantee it! 
I want to give a huge shoutout to Purple Trail for collaborating with me on this post and sending me a content planner in exchange for review.