Stocking Stuffer Gift Guide*

Use Ebates this season to get money back with every online purchase you make - in exactly one year I have made over $100 back just by adding a little Ebates button to my browser and clicking it every time I go to place an order!

The newly improved Tile Mate now has a replaceable battery, 150-foot range and is louder than before and is perfect for the person in your life who is always losing things. Tile Mate makes finding all of your items easy. Just download the "Tile" app, follow the simple activation directions and you will never lose track of one of your important items again!

These Sudara leggings are incredible! You can tell just by feeling them that they are made very well and are a high-quality pair of leggings. They are soft, stretchy and not see through which is what is most important to me when looking for leggings. The ankle length is also perfect for me because I am so tiny so I don't have too much extra material on the bottom!

I have always thought of OtterBox as being those super bulky and protective cases. Not until recently did I discover that they actually make adorable phone cases that not only look really nice and sleek but they also still provide you with the protection you need. 

I really have no idea what murumuru butter is but what I do know is that the murumuru butter and rose products from Love Beauty Planet smell incredible. The packaging on all of the Love Beauty Planet products is also so pretty so I can just leave everything in my bathroom or on my vanity without it looking messy!

I am head over heels in love with this ring from Moonrise Jewelry! All of the jewelry is absolutely beautiful but this ring is so stunning and I have been getting compliments constantly. If you are looking for a new statement piece I highly recommend Moonrise Jewelry and if you are looking for a statement ring definitely check out the Glymur Ring!
Pro tip: Use code "COCO18" for 20% off the beautiful Glymur Ring!

These wireless Bluetooth headphones truly deliver the best quality sound. On top of that, you can set the color on the side to any of seven neon shades. Turn it on, turn it off, make it solid or make it pulse. Customize these ultra comfortable headphones to express yourself!

My sister and I have become obsessed with Pointe Studio recently. They make a wide variety of unique socks. The most unique sock, in my opinion, is the grip strap sock. They have grips on the bottom but also a unique strap which creates a shoe like feeling and are perfect for dance classes, barre classes, and yoga. 

Talk about cozy! This sherpa blanket from Bedsure is so nice and cozy and most importantly doesn't shed. I am actually planning on replacing my heated throw with my Bedsure Sherpa Blanket this winter!

I am sure all of you are aware of how great EOS products are, I have been a huge fan of the classic lip balms since they came out. What I didn't realize was how much of a variety EOS actually has. The Holiday Dazzling Tint is enriched with natural oils and shea butter and creates the most beautiful long lasting cheek tint!

This gift set comes with three mini hand creams. The scents that come in this gift set are cactus & pink pepper, dead sea water and sea-kissed. This gift set makes the perfect stocking stuffer for under $20.00!

Bluetooth speakers are the perfect gift for virtually anyone. JAM Audio makes a compact waterproof speaker which will stick to any wall, shower tile or anywhere you want to listen to music. Not to mention the quality of the audio is incredible! 

No matter how much lotion I use or all of the Pinterest hacks I try my feet would never get smooth! Well, until I found this product! This is a must-have stocking stuffer for anyone who is always barefoot or even going to a warmer climate soon! With Legendary Apothecary Smooth Feet you will want to wear sandals every single day!

Create custom cases for a wide variety of devices. The cases are good quality and completely customizable if you choose. CaseApp also has a huge selection of pre-designed cases and they have so many cute options to pick from! 
I will be doing a CaseApp giveaway on my Instagram this week! Stay tuned and follow for details!

This is the easiest hair removal gel I have ever used! Say goodbye to painful eyebrow plucking and hello to Nad's! It is clean, applies an even precise amount every time and is pretty much foolproof if I could use this and get great results, so can you!

Curvy Couture bras are for everyone! They make extremely comfortable bras that look and feel luxurious and make you feel fabulous! The Curvy Couture bras are full coverage, super soft and actually provide support for you and your girls!

This beanie is PERFECT for all occasions! This beanie comes in eight classic colors and is lined with faux fur to keep your head nice and cozy all winter long! 

Mocca Shots are the perfect stocking stuffer for any student. With these energy gummies, you get the energy without the shakes and jitters that other caffeinated products may give you. Chocolate raspberry has been my favorite so far but I can't try them too often as you do really get a jolt of energy from them!

Hands down the best hairspray I have ever used. My mom was the one who started me on the TRESemmé train since she has been using all TRESemmé for at least 22 years. The hairspray from TRESemmé is never wet, never sticky, long lasting and most importantly the sprayer never fails you!

Every time you buy a GLOW For A Cause product you are not only pampering yourself but you are also giving back to the non-profit organizations that Glow For A Cause has partnered with. GLOW makes body care products, candles, face products, and perfumes. If you are in the giving spirit this holiday season I would highly recommend that you check out and shop with Glow For A Cause. 

This is a waterless system that transforms your targeted nano solutions into tiny, potent nano-vapor to penetrate deeper into the skin. To sum it up, this kit will help penetrate product deeper into the skin then any average serum would go. This will plump the skin to soften the look of wrinkles with their super exciting cutting edge technology. 

Not only do I love Cocofloss for its name but I love the flavors they have to offer. They make coco and mint, vanilla and mint, delicious mint, fresh coconut, strawberry and orange floss which really makes flossing fun!

These pop-up cards are perfect for year round gifting and is really a gift and a card all in one! Who wouldn't love seeing their stocking this year and to also find an adorable Lovepop card attached!? 

When you purchase the 4Ocean Limited Edition Seabird Bracelet, 4ocean will remove one pound of trash from the ocean and coastlines. 4ocean will also help protect seabirds and their habitats from ocean plastic and other threats. As of right, this second 4ocean has pulled 2,323,900 pounds of trash from the ocean and its coastlines. I strongly believe in this case the cause is way more important than the bracelet itself. If you have just $20 to spare this holiday season, buy a 4ocean bracelet and support this amazing cause.