December 1, 2018

Frequent Flyer Gift Guide*

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Anyone would be lucky to receive a Modern Essentials Aspire Tote! It has padded handles which makes it extremely comfortable to carry, an insulated compartment perfect for some snacks and a water bottle, tablet pockets, main compartment which fits a laptop, interior zip pocket and exterior phone pocket.  This sophisticated sleek bag is a wonderful gift for anyone on the go. 

Every single scent in this sampler is incredible and is perfect to throw in your travel bag or even your purse to keep you always smelling like a dream! With the Sephora Favorites samplers, you get to try out so many different brands you may not normally pick up for yourself. You get introduced to new products and I have found a new favorite scent because of this sampler!

This is perfect for all of the skincare lovers in your life. I know I always neglect my skincare routine while I am traveling because some of my products are super bulky but with this, it is super convenient for travel since it is petite. It is waterproof, rechargeable, sonic powered, anti-microbial and has three speeds. It is not heavy at all and is the perfect addition to your travel bag!

I got the Sweet and Clean Mr Bubble Travel Size Just A Spritz Fragrance Mist and absolutely love it. I have been carrying it every day in my handbag since it is a perfect size! It will even fit in your tiniest clutch for your night out!

I have been obsessed Peace Out Skincare for a little while now and just saw that they made these Puffy Under Eye Patches. These are perfect to throw in your carry on for those long flights so you won't walk out of the airport looking like a zombie. They stick very well, even to oily skin and are super moisturizing and really do reduce puffiness. 

I didn't know about these until recently but I have fallen in love with all of the Anshi products. Because they sell a four pack which includes one of each product it is perfect to throw in your suitcase for any unexpected emergencies. It can help with a multitude of issues but some travel related issues could be sleeping on a crappy bed and wanting some pain relief, a cold from all of the germs on the plane and even a breakout/hive situation. It works quickly so you will be back to your normal self in just a few hours!  

Wunder2 sells four mini Jet Set products at CVS and on Amazon and they are perfect for your travel makeup bag. They are mini products that are wonderful for not only travel but for touch-ups throughout any normal day. You know how sometimes mini products are too mini? These come with a ton of product so you will not be disappointed and run out of product a day into your trip!

Just like I mentioned above about the other Sephora Favorites Sampler you get to try out so many incredible products you may not normally try out. For example, never in my life would I reach for any kind of product that mentions kale, especially a skincare product. After giving it a try I realized kale isn't so bad and this cleanser is wonderful and I will definitely be purchasing a full size in the future. 

Like I have mentioned before I am quite obsessed with Sol de Janeiro! Every single product they have is absolutely incredible and I have fallen in love with each and every item. Normally I cannot travel with my bum bum cream because the container is just too big and sometimes you just don't have space but with this travel-sized bum bum cream you can throw one in every bag you own. It is perfect for travel and you really can just refill the container once you run out!

Catrice Prime & Fine Fixing Sprays are the perfect addition to your regular makeup bag or your travel makeup bag. I have become a facial spray junkie lately just because it is so easy and really helps with my dry skin in the winter and these check off every box for me. Catrice sells a Dewy Glow Illuminating Spray, Multitalent Fixing Spray, and an Anti Shine Matt Fixing Spray which makes it easy to have a spray for all of your needs!
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