November 30, 2018

For The Home Gift Guide*

Use Ebates this season to get money back with every online purchase you make - in exactly one year I have made over $100 back just by adding a little Ebates button to my browser and clicking it every time I go to place an order!

This is easily one of the most useful items ever! This Lenovo laptop is absolutely incredible,  it is elegantly designed to be equally stylish as you transition from tablet (touchscreen) mode to laptop mode and back again. Not to mention the incredible battery life, which can last up to eleven hours. Anyone would be lucky to have this Lenovo 2-in-1 laptop sitting under the tree for them this year!

Hand soap, in my opinion, is literally the most useful gift anyone could ever give/receive. I am a sucker for foaming hand soap, especially holiday scents and the Dial limited edition soaps smell incredible and add the perfect touch to any vanity for the holiday season!

I have been a fan of Tazo Tea pretty much forever and my go to is always mint tea! I never realized how many delicious flavors Tazo actually offered until I went to their website to see that they have 30+ hot tea flavors. The Vanilla Bean Macaroon Tea and Chai Chocolate Tea are TO DIE FOR and the perfect tea for all occasions!  

This little gift set is absolutely adorable and perfect for the bath lovers in your life. The set comes with the Moisturizing Milk Bubble Bath and 2 Cookie Bath Bombs which smell amazing! 

Cruzan Rum makes some super yummy flavors, my personal favorites are vanilla and raspberry! They are the perfect addition to all of your upcoming holiday parties!

This blanket with a built-in foot pocket is going to be a year-round must have for me and hopefully for you too! This blanket makes a great gift for anyone who always likes to be cozy and warm. It is heavy enough without being too heavy and is made with 100% synthetic faux fur. This makes the perfect addition to someone's cozy couch or Insta worthy bedroom!

This should be your go-to gift for all of the wine lovers in your life. Not only do these gift sets come in tons of colors but it also keeps your drinks at just the right temperature all day/night long. The stemless wine glasses are adorable and with these, you will never have to worry about breaking a glass!

In my opinion, you can never have too many candles, especially ones that smell like marshmallow fudge! YUM!

I adore these foil prints and want to get a million more! Digibuddha has an incredible selection of designs to choose from and you can pick your paper and foil color. As you can tell my favorite combo is the black paper with gold foil, it matches my room perfectly! 

This candle will make your entire house smell like you have been working your butt off making some delicious cookies! You can never go wrong with candles, ever!!!

Everyone who loves to cook needs this appliance in their life. You can use this one Instant Pot as a pressure cooker, slow cooker, rice/porridge cooker, yogurt maker, sauté/searing steamer, warmer and sterilizer. All of the programming is completely customizable and it comes with fourteen built-in smart programs. I haven't met a single person who does not rave about Instant Pot and talk about how great it really is. This holiday season anyone who receives an Instant Pot will be thrilled, I can guarantee it!

These natural air fresheners come in four fragrances, lavender, orange, lime and vanilla. The vanilla is by far my favorite because it will leave your house smelling like a bakery and will cover up any unwelcomed odors. 

This is the perfect family game for 2-4 players! It will make a great addition to anyone's family game night and it's fun for everyone!

Hotshot is the very first "hot fridge". The Hotshot Hot Fridge is a custom heating and storage unit for all Hotshot beverages. This hot fridge can hold up to nine cans of Hotshot coffee at once and is one of the most convenient gifts you can give. On the Hotshot website, you can buy a subscription which includes free shipping and your choice of coffee. You can cancel this subscription at any time but while you have your subscription you will be sent coffee every month! 
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