November 29, 2018

Beauty Lovers Gift Guide*

Use Ebates this season to get money back with every online purchase you make - in exactly one year I have made over $100 back just by adding a little Ebates button to my browser and clicking it every time I go to place an order!

As someone who wears a bun 360 days a year, I didn't know how much I would use this Revlon One Step Hair Dryer and Volumizer. Once I tried it out I was absolutely hooked! It has cut my drying time in half and keeps my hair not looking like a lions mane. This is by far the most useful hair product I have found on the market and I have tried tons and tons of items. If you have thick or long hair or even just hair that needs to be blow-dried I highly recommend this! 

This mini lipstick set is the perfect gift for all of the lipstick lovers in your life! The colors in this set are all beautiful and would look amazing on so many different skin tones. All of the lipsticks are super pigmented and just overall gorgeous! Since eight colors come in the set you can really try each shade out and see which one works best for you; or if you are in the gifting spirit break up this gift set and give one lipstick to each of your besties!

All of the products from NKD Skin are absolutely perfect for anyone who is craving that beautiful golden tan during the cold winter months. These two products specifically have been my favorite to help with my winter glow but NKD Skin has a ton of products and I can guarantee you can find the perfect product for you! 

Ugh! This is the palette of all palettes! Each and every color is pigmented, blendable and overall just perfect! You can literally create an endless amount of looks with this one palette. They provide you with multiple transition shadows as well as the amazing pops of color and not to mention the beautiful highlight shadow! 

As someone who grew up with Mr Bubble when I opened this, it brought me waaay back! It smells exactly like the original Mr Bubble but a luxe version for adults. I love the sophisticated packaging with the metal closure and it looks so pretty sitting in my shower. The scrub is amazing and really gets the job done without leaving your skin feeling dry or weird like some other exfoliators do. 
Pro tip: if you really like a good pamper day/night, grab a pair of exfoliating gloves and use this with the gloves! Your skin will love you!

This set is worth every penny! I urge you to get online or go into a store and find this set and pick up as many as you can. If you are a fan of the original Bum Bum cream you will love this because each product has the same scent. If you have no idea what I am talking about you have to get your hands of some Sol de Janeiro products asap! Your body will feel so amazing after one use that you will always want to have spares on hand. 

All of these brushes are amazing quality but for such a good price. When you are using them you will feel like you are using hairbrushes from your salon. Every single person I know with hair uses hair brushes on a daily basis so my recommendation would be that you cannot go wrong with these amazing brushes as gifts this year!

I am not going to lie, I am a little biased about these products especially one in particular. Artist Couture has a Diamond Glow Powder called Coco Bling and it is so stunning! I currently am loving three shades, those three shades are of course Coco Bling, Illuminati & and YASSS! I absolutely love the Artist Couture website so much because it shows you each product on several different skin tones so you are able to get a better look at how the product will look on you!
Pro tip: use code "KUWCOCO" to get 10% off your purchase! 

I have been loving this finishing powder from Bare Minerals lately! The packaging is to die for and it is limited edition so pick one up soon! This powder will help your makeup stay in place all day while keeping shine at bay. 

This palette was made for all of those beauties who regularly wear eyeshadow and use one palette. This palette provides you with everyday colors that are easily blended and extremely pigmented! It can be used for a quick eye look but also a very beautiful glam look. This is super versatile and perfect for everyone!

I absolutely adore this palette and will have to stock up since I have been using it every single day. Each color goes on super smooth and effortlessly and for the price you really can't beat it. While it is a little more pricey than a normal drugstore palette just think about it this way, you get six eyeshadow colors, a bronzer, blush and highlighter all in a compact palette with a big mirror. 

Currently, I am using the Daily Hydration Moisturizer and the Restore & Hydrate Overnight cream and I am loving it! Because I am an acne sufferer I use quite a few acne products which in turn dries out my skin which is even worse and noticeable when you are living through a New York winter. These products have really helped all of my little dry spots and have truly made a difference in my skin!

This eyeliner comes in every single color you would ever need! With the endless colors, you really do have an eyeliner for every occasion. It has great staying power and is very long lasting and it's the perfect gift for those eyeliner lovers in your life! I know my best friend wears eyeliner every day, even when she isn't wearing other makeup and I plan on getting her one of these in every color. They are perfect! 

At first, I was so confused, I kept saying, but its just a hairbrush. Well, the truth is coming out, it really is much more than your basic hairbrush. This brush really helps to tame my crazy poofy hair and make it super duper shiny! I usually rip out a good amount of hair after every shower because I brush it so hard, but with this hairbrush, I really don't have to. It is gentle and keeps my breakage pretty minimal! You can't go wrong!

I absolutely adore this blush and I almost never wear blush and hate the way it looks on me. My biggest concern with blush is that it will accentuate my already large pores (acne probs) but this one does not! It wears all day long and I really can't recommend this enough! 

For some crazy reason, I can find every other product for my skincare needs but never a facial scrub. I finally stumbled upon Beauty by Earth and I am so happy I did! You get a ton of product for the price which is a huge plus! This facial scrub does not break me out, does not make me overly dry and really helps keep my face smooth during the colder months. I cannot say enough good things about this scrub

I am not going to lie, I was a little skeptical when I saw all of these colors put together in a gift set but each color is really wonderful in its own way. Each lip crayon comes with a corresponding gloss and can be worn together, mixed and matched or completely on its own. The possibilities are endless and this is a perfect starter gift for someone who wants to add makeup to their collection or for someone who is just getting into makeup!

I am confident that most if not all of you have seen and heard of this product and all I can say is, its worth the hype! I definitely would not recommend applying the product with the brush that comes in the tube especially for us bald brow babes out there. So my one recommendation for you is treat yo self or your beauty bestie and get the Wunderbrow Dual Precision Brush to go along with this amazing brow product!

Personally, I am obsessed with this palette! I am someone who is obsessed with makeup but hate sitting down for hours to perfect it. This palette is super easy to have on the go for touch-ups and is super convenient because of the mirror! I have been using this in my to go makeup bag because it just freshens up your makeup, you can honestly use your fingers with these products and is once again just convenient. 

This, of course, goes hand in hand with my mini Wunderbrow review! Get both items and have bomb ass looking brows that actually stay in place! 

I adore this mascara! I already do love all mascaras that do come with a built-in primer so I knew there would be a high chance I would like this mascara and I was right! This mascara is perfect for everyday use and does not budge. I never have to worry about coming home from a long day or night and having black flakes all over my face or smudges! 

This incredible gift set features three absolutely incredible products! A body lotion, a boxed daisy net, and a spongette. I know everyone has to buy for that random family friend who always just appears or a friend who has everything and family members that are hard to buy for. This is the gift set for them, you really can't go wrong and I don't know a single person who wouldn't love to receive this beautiful luxurious gift. This gift set also comes in seven different fragrances so now you really don't have an excuse not to get this. You can find the perfect gift set for everybody. 

This fragrance has become my go to! It smells like nothing I have which is very refreshing and new for me. Most importantly I wanted to mention that this company sells a sampler set for $18.00 which comes with four different testers so you can try each fragrance out and see which one works for you best. When you buy this set Kierin NYC will give you an $18.00 credit towards your next purchase. Personally, 10 a.m. Flirt just worked best for me but everyone can find a fragrance they love from Kierin NYC!

As many of you know, Tati Westbrook is my favorite YouTuber and she did an incredible 24-hour wear test with this product. When Tati says something is good, it is good! Well, guess what, she was spot on about this foundation. It is incredible and all I can say is, you have to see for yourself!

Not only are these lashes super fun but they make a perfect gift! You get four pairs of reusable lashes with lash glue, how can you go wrong? I would have definitely appreciated a gift like this when I was younger and always wanting to try fake lashes out! Not only do they make the perfect gift but they are perfect for a beginner who wants to practice with high-quality lashes. 

I constantly see recommendations for Drunk Elephant, so I decided I had to give it a good try myself to see what all of this hype was about. With winter just around the corner (and already feeling like winter in New York) I thought this was the perfect time to try these products out. I cannot say enough good things about Drunk Elephant and these products. This kit is absolutely worth the hype and you get two full-sized products in here! I can tell I have jumped on the Drunk Elephant train and will continue to use their products on a regular basis.

I have one word for you, obsessed!! Not only am I a huge fan of Derma E as a company but this product is one of my favorites. This is a facial oil but honestly, I use it everywhere! Your skin will feel so silky smooth and you will notice a huge difference after using it a few times. This is perfect for anyone who is crazy about skincare, you will be doing them a favor by adding this to their collection!

Elta MD was actually some of the first beauty products I owned. When I was younger I would regularly see a dermatologist and get facials to help with my acne and every time after a facial they would put some Elta MD tinted sunscreen on so you didn't look so red and blotchy after an entire hour of someone picking at your face. After they used it on me I pretty much fell in love with the products because of how great they looked on my skin after it was tortured. I begged and begged and finally, my mom bought me a few products! Recently I decided I wanted to take a step back from makeup and really focus on skincare and the first brand that came to mind was Elta MD! 

Let's talk about my new go-to body lotion! The smell of this gets me every damn time I open the bottle, it smells heavenly! It has become a skincare staple for me and something I use pretty much every day, most days even a few times a day! 

Oh wow! Another Tati recommendation! I love love love this topper and it is so easy to use. My nails are super long right now so I can't really use my finger for application but a nice flat eyeshadow brush will do the trick. Both colors are beautiful and really add an extra pop to any eye look. 

As some of you know I love mascara, over the years it has become one of my favorite makeup items. I have to admit, I have tried my fair share of mascaras - high end and drugstore and this one will remain in my regular rotation of mascaras and I plan on repurchasing! 
Pro tip: use a cream cleanser or oil-based makeup remover to remove this - soap and water will not do the trick for this budge-proof mascara! 

This is the perfect product for a classic spa night with your besties! It comes with five different masks and even though the Super Green Detox was my favorite they are all wonderful! You know when you want to give a present to someone that you can also get some use out of? Well if you are into skincare, this is that gift! Add some cute hair towels or headbands and you have yourself the perfect gift (that you will also get to enjoy)!

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