July 23, 2018

Get Your Glow on With Sol de Janeiro*

Get your summer glow on with the best glow product on the market, Sol de Janeiro's Glow Oil!

"Brazilian beauty is natural, not overdone. It’s all about enhancing what you’ve got. That’s why our Glow Oils have just the right amount of shimmer, so you can accentuate your delicious curves and highlight your favorite features. Love it, Flaunt it, You’ve got it!"
These incredible oils will make you glow like it is nobody's business. I have found with anything oil-based especially something to make you glow is super sticky, never dries down and feels extremely oily on your skin until you wash it off. The Sol de Janeiro Glow Oil doesn't do any of that, it is not sticky at all, completely dries down, does not feel oily on the skin and makes you feel like a million bucks. The application is so fast and not messy at all. I just pour some in my hands, rub all over my legs and chest, wash my hands and go! 

Both the Copacabana Bronze & the Ipanema Sunset glow oils smell INCREDIBLE! I personally mix these two products together to get the perfect glow on my skin tone and boy does it smell amazing when the two come together. I would highly recommend buying the duo so you can mix and play around with these glow oils to find out your perfect combination. 

I know I am extremely late to the entire Sol de Janeiro trend but these two products have gotten me hooked and dying to try more. If you haven't tried anything from Sol de Janeiro I would try these out first because they are only out for a limited time. You can purchase from Sephora, Dermstore and of course the Sol de Janeiro website. If you have tried out products from Sol de Janeiro in the past you know exactly how good these products are and may have even bought these already. 

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