Beach Bag Must Have || Dove Invisible Dry Spray*

What's in your beach bag this summer?
Because I have at least one can of Dove Invisible Dry Spray in my beach bag at all times!

Dove Invisible Dry Spray is my absolute favorite all year round but I really love it for summer. You never have to worry about your deodorant melting in your bag on a hot day or getting your lovely white deodorant on everything that it comes into contact with.
I kind of am obsessed with this because the can could easily pass as a spray on sunscreen. I never have to feel embarrassed about taking a deodorant out randomly during the day because it kind of just blends into anything that would normally be in your beach bag.

Not to mention these deodorants smell wonderful and truly do work! I get skeptical about anything that is not your traditional deodorant but this dry spray works just as your normal deodorant would and they have so many great scents so everyone can find a Dove Dry Spray for them! 

You can pick up Dove Dry Spray anywhere you normally buy Dove deodorant! 
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