Wally's Natural*

"Wally's Natural Inc. first started as an ear care company manufacturing and selling products geared towards the natural consumer with its holistic ear candles and organic ear oil. From there Wally's expanded to include skin care products by introducing organic body oil, along with its range of organic aromatherapy blends. From its humble beginnings, Wally's Natural has managed to grow into the company it is today selling over one million ear candles each year."

I am sure a lot of you are wondering, what the heck is ear candling!
"The way they work is once the top of the candle is burning, warm air and rhythmic sounds begin moving down the candle and into the ear creating a tranquil and soothing experience."

While I was able to try out an Ear Candle and Balance Organic Aromatherapy Blend the true hero I tried out was the Organic Body Oil.
I suffer from stretch marks basically all over my body and this is my favorite body oil that I have ever used. Most body oil comes in a container where you have to squeeze it into your hands and get everything messy but this comes in a roll on and it works! I don't think stretch marks every truly disappear but they can get lighter with moisturization and time.

This organic body oil is wonderful and is perfect for when you want to moisturize without getting messy. Once the in shower body moisturizers came out I immediately went to them and used that as my main moisturizer because I really hated putting on a thick lotion and waiting for it to dry and all of that fun stuff. This is a great product to use by itself or even add on top of your in shower moisturizer for extra soft skin! 

If you are looking for something to help with stretch marks this is for you. Its the perfect product and it works which makes it completely worth it!
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