May 7, 2018

Travel Made Easy With JOY*

Lately, I have been traveling quite a lot! To the point where I can pack for a full 5+ day trip in a carry-on. I used to need a carry-on, personal bag, and full luggage because I was an extreme over-packer. Now that I have been traveling so frequently I knew I had to get my routine down pat and figure out how to pack in an hour and pack only the necessities. The Joy Mangano team reached out to me to see if I was interested in trying out her JOY Rich Leather Weekender with Revolutionary Spinline Wheels. My entire family and I have been fans of Joy Mangano for the longest time. All of our closets only have Joy Huggable Hangers. We steam our clothing with her Joy My Little Steamers and to be honest I could continue on with all of the Joy products that we own but ill save that for another post! Joy Mangano is a Long Islander just like me and honestly has changed the game when it comes to helpful products. Okay, I have to get myself back on track to the true hero of this post, the Joy Weekender. I literally could go on for days about Joy and how much my entire family loves her but that would be waaaay boring!

The Joy Rich Leather Weekender is an incredible piece of luggage. It glides through the airport with its fantastic Spinline wheels and it is absolutely the perfect size. In the beginning, I thought the shape of it may make packing awkward but it didn't at all. It actually was much more spacious then I thought it was going to be. The leather feels so incredibly high quality and I cannot even begin to tell you how many compliments I got on this bag. The bag also has four side pockets along with three pen slots and a few extra inside pockets for whatever you want. The extra pockets make packing a breeze and you feel so organized. I swear Joy thinks of EVERYTHING! 

It comes with a strap in case you wanted to carry the bag on your shoulder. I personally am not a huge fan of the strap because I am so tiny and the bag itself is a little on the heavier side and I pack a ton so it just becomes way too heavy for me to carry on my shoulder. I do keep the strap on the bag because it does come in handy when it comes to putting the bag into and taking the bag out of the overhead compartment on the plane. Yes, they allow it to be a carry-on! I have only traveled JetBlue when using this bag but definitely check online with your airline to see if this bag qualifies as a carry-on.

This bag is such a great piece of luggage for the price. The quality of this bag along with the 10-year warranty all really make this bag incredible and a must have for any regular traveler.

Check out the bag and all Joy has to offer!
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