Let's talk about the only drink you will find me sipping on all summer!

Sanavi is a unique blend of minerals and electrolytes that gives this all natural spring water a unique taste. I was lucky enough to get a multi-pack so I could try out four different flavors. The four flavors that come in the multi-pack are lemon, lime, strawberry, and coconut. All of these flavors along with the other flavors from Sanavi only have two ingredients, carbonated spring water, and the organic natural flavoring for the different fruits.

These drinks are way too underrated because I find them to be the absolute best sparkling spring water on the market. The taste is unbeatable and it gives you that kick of flavor without being overpowering or artificial. These can substitute your normal soda if you are looking to make a change but it can also replace all of the sparkling water you may be drinking. This to me is the best one I have found by a landslide!

I am a hardcore coconut lover and this is incredible in helping feed my coconut addiction. The lime was for sure my second favorite because I am one of those crazy people who always substitutes a lime for a lemon. I can't stress enough how much better these taste than the other ones on the market and I think you just have to try it for yourself! 
Sanavi is available in over 3500 stores nationwide and you can look at this list to see where they sell Sanavi near you! If you can't find Sanavi in a store, it is also sold through Amazon Prime