Olika Birdie*

I got the opportunity to review the Olika Birdie! I am sure you are wondering what the heck this is so let me tell you! Birdie is the worlds most beautiful hand sanitizer. It smells unlike any hand sanitizer I have ever used in the past. The sophisticated scent features bergamot, lemon, and spearmint. It basically smells like a high-end spa but in hand sanitizer form. Birdie also offers skin softening and soothing benefits. Sometimes in the winter when my hands are super dry and cracked any hand sanitizer will burn the crap out of my hands but this one never did. It never once stung my hands like some other sanitizers would. Birdie also happens to be a revolutionary bird. He actually has a compartment on the bottom which has wipes in it. You will open it and find that the wipes are dry and ask yourself did I get an old birdie? Not at all! The wipes actually come dry so everytime you need to use a wipe, you make a fresh one. You just saturate the wipe in the hand sanitizer and voila a brand new fresh wipe that will never dry out on you! 

Birdie is by far the cutest hand sanitizer I have ever used. Not only is it cute but it is perfect for travel. Throw birdie in your bag and it has so many uses! You can clean your tray table on the plane with your fresh wipes - every time I travel I always find myself buying a brand new pack of wipes because I worry they will be dried out when I go to use them, this will never be a problem with birdie! You can sanitize your hands anytime with this little fella and to be honest its kind of a conversation starter! People want to know what the heck you are putting on your hands when it's coming from a little bird. 

Birdie needs to become a staple in your handbag and your travel bag immediately! Buy Birdie here & I absolutely have to mention that OLIKA is amazing and has a flat shipping rate of 50 CENTS, YES 50 CENTS! You have no reason to not buy an Olika Birdie right now!