My Magic Mud*

"The most effective way to use My Magic Mud is to replace your current toothpaste with the My Magic Mud toothpaste and to use the My Magic Mud tooth powder at night just before bedtime when you need that extra deep cleaning and whitening effect.
You don't need to use both products, but they do work so well together. The My Magic Mud toothpaste is very simple to use and totally delicious, however, there's nothing like the raw detoxifying power of the original tooth powder.
We suggest using the tooth powder in the shower because it can be a bit messy."

The way they recommend using the toothpaste and tooth powder is truly the best way to use them. Take their advice and do exactly as they say and make your life easy! I got the peppermint toothpaste, as well as the peppermint tooth powder and boy, do they make the best combo! I leave the tooth powder container right in my shower so I don't forget to use it when I shower every night.
I would highly recommend getting a separate toothbrush to use with the powder because it is charcoal black!

The My Magic Mud Toothpaste is scientifically verified to safely clean, polish and whiten your teeth. The toothpaste is made with premium ingredients and is some of the most effective natural oral care on the market.

The My Magic Mud Tooth Powder is proven to whiten and polish teeth as well as soothe your gums.

My Magic Mud actually makes a bundle of both the tooth powder, toothpaste and a bamboo toothbrush for only $28! If you use the toothpaste as your regular toothpaste and add in the tooth powder every night you will notice a difference in the way your teeth feel and look. After using this combo of products I have noticed that my teeth are truly whiter then they were before and to top that off my teeth and gums truly feel better and healthier.

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