Maker Overnight Oats*

Maker's Overnight Oats have become one of my new favorite items! If you haven't heard about overnight oats before here is a little more information about what exactly it is. "Maker's combines thick-cut oats with unusual fruits and sophisticated pairings. It is foolproof so that you can make it in no time. Just add your favorite milk or nut milk, stir, and soak overnight in the fridge. Enjoy cold in the morning, at-home or on-the-go."

Maker's Overnight Oats currently has three flavors, Mulberry & Chia, Apple & Coconut and Banana & Coffee. 
I have been lucky enough to try out all three different flavors and I am wowed by every single one of them. I am not a huge fan of coffee or banana, when I say not a huge fan I mean coffee is my least favorite caffeinated drink and bananas are my least favorite fruit. The banana & coffee flavor is actually my favorite and it has caffeine in it. Win Win!

These oats are super easy and make your life easy. You can buy them in either individual pouches or in glass jars. To make this even more convenient you can buy all Maker's Overnight Oat products on Amazon