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The pristine Protocol - the three-step system for a healthy and radiant smile.

1 - Rinse with the Organic BR Brushing Rinse
2 - Brush with Organic BR Toothpaste
3 - Polish with On Demand BR Tooth Polish

Organic Brushing Rinse "With the power of hydrogen peroxide and organic essential oils, this amazing pre-rinse works to naturally whiten teeth, freshen breath and clean your whole mouth, especially first thing in the morning." You should be rinsing with this brushing rinse for a minute before you brush your teeth while you do some other morning activities.

Follow up your morning rinse with the Organic BR Toothpaste

Don't forget to sprinkle a little bit of the On-Demand BR Tooth Polish onto your toothpaste.
For sensitive teeth and thin tooth enamel use three times a week and if you are prone to tartar use seven days a week.

Keep your smile healthy with the Essential Oxygen Pristine Protocol!
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