Dr. Brite*

Dr. Brite recently had a makeover and I am lucky enough to try out these new products with gorgeous packaging! I got to try out the Coco Chai Natural Coconut Whitening Toothpaste, Brite & Fresh Oral Care Spray, Stay Brite Natural Teeth Whitening Pen and Get Brite Brillant Teeth Whitening Pen!

I have to say the Coco Chai toothpaste blew me out of the water, not just because of the name😋😋 but the taste is unreal! This toothpaste is Dr. Brite's most popular toothpaste for sensitive teeth which I do have. I never really pictured myself brushing my teeth with something other than mint but when I use this at night it just makes my mouth happy! It has a little bit of coconut, cinnamon, and cardamom which I absolutely love. It's also a whitening toothpaste and personally, when I use any whitening products, natural or not, I do get sensitivity and with this, I didn't! A huge plus in my book.

The Brite & Fresh has actually replaced my OG favorite Listerine spray. It has such a good taste and feels like you freshly brushed your teeth rather than covering up the taste in your mouth with an overpowering spray. 

Both pens, Stay Brite & Get Brite are absolutely genius and that along with the toothpaste I do see that my smile is whiter! I think the Stay Brite is best used after you indulge in something that could cause staining. 

All of these products from Dr. Brite are incredible and I would recommend them to anyone who brushes their teeth!