Camille Rose The Body Collection*

The team at Camille Rose Naturals wanted to send me two Camille Rose The Body Collection products to try out! I was sent the Orange Honey Bath Elixir & the Caramelized Cane and Sugar Balm.

The orange honey bath elixir is a rich bath drizzle which is made with real organic honey and the caramelized cane & sugar balm helps to gently remove dead skin cells and helps with body retexturing.

I decided what better way to utilize these products than to use them together. First I loaded up my bath with the orange honey bath elixir. I would highly recommend getting a plastic spoon to help you with portioning the product out. The first time I used it I decided it would be a great idea to pour the elixir in and yeah, bad idea. My bathroom smelled great but it was just a little bit too much at once and I didn't want to use half the product in one sitting. I think the scent is the real winner with this product. I cannot even express in writing how good it smells, yes, its that good!
After I got out of my amazing frothy bath I used the caramelized cane and sugar balm to scrub all of my dead skin away (gross I know). I love taking a bath first to get my skin super soft and then using an exfoliant. I feel like it softens everything up and makes it super easy to scrub away. This is one of the best scrubs I have used to date. It has the most perfect texture and consistency to it and it's not rough to the point where you feel like you are destroying your skin.

Name a better duo, I dare you! These two products make for the perfect pamper night and I cannot recommend them more. 
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Both products are only $10 for the huge tub so you really can't go wrong!