Ávitāe Caffeine + Water*

Avitae Caffeine + Water is purified water with natural caffeine acting as a natural energy booster! It is not a sugary soda and the sparkling ones (my favorite) taste just like flavored seltzer with zero calories.

Avitae has an original version which features an energy kick, energy boost, and energy blast.
Energy kick has 45 mg of natural caffeine = half a cup of coffee or 12 oz of diet soda
Energy boost has 90 mg of natural caffeine = one cup of coffee
Energy blast 125 mg of natural caffeine = one and a half cups of coffee

Avitae has a flavored version with pomegranate acai, tangerine, blackberry & strawberry guava flavors all with 90 mg of natural caffeine.

Avitae also has a sparkling version with mandarin passion fruit, berry kiwi, unflavored, raspberry lime, black cherry flavors all with 90 mg of natural caffeine.

My personal taste much prefers the sparkling version of Avitae and my favorite flavor has been the raspberry lime! I am not much of a coffee drinker and rarely have coffee. If I am ever looking for a caffeine boost I am much more likely to grab a bottle of Coke and am actually totally guilty of putting Coke into a coffee cup and going to work😂. This has become my go-to morning and afternoon pick me up whenever I am needing a boost. It is the perfect pick me up without feeling like your having a high-calorie coffee or sugar-filled soda.

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