March 5, 2018

Expo West: Done Right

Expo West kicks off in just a few days and I could not be more excited! For those of you who don't know Expo West is the leading trade show in the natural, organic and healthy products industry. This expo attracts over 80,000 industry professionals and 3,100 exhibits in the Anaheim Convention Center. Looking at those numbers alone can be extremely overwhelming and I am here to give you my best tips and tricks so you can do Expo West the right way! 

Comfort is key! While you are making impressions based on what you are wearing and what you look like you need to make sure you are comfortable. If your outfit can't be that comfortable you at least need to have a good pair of comfy shoes. I have learned when my feet hurt and have blisters from "cute" shoes I am a miserable person. I personally have decided to put cute behind me and focus on the fact that I will be easily taking over 10,000 steps each day during the expo. 

Phone notes are your best friend! I like to keep track of who I met and rather than gathering a gigantic stack of business cards. Of course, I still use my business cards and take business cards from people I meet with but I feel that notes really help me. If I write up a small note the minute I leave the booth I am able to put faces and names better when I finally get home. 

Plan like it is going out of style! I am a huge planner and think planning for Expo West is vital to your success. I plan out all my meetings in my phone notes along with planning any fun or interesting booths I want to go see. Once you plan just a few things out you will feel like you are in total control of this huge show. You won't be walking around aimlessly, you will know where you want to go and when you want to go there. 

Download the "NatProdExpo" app and USE IT! This app is the most useful part for me. You can literally add your schedule, markdown favorite booths and even write down notes for specific booths.  (I still prefer my phone notes but some may prefer this so I am sharing both options!) Not to mention they have all the maps on the app as well as events and the speakers schedule. Any questions you may have about Expo West can be answered on the app. You can find your closest badge pick up and so much more. 

Final notes! Expo West is one of the most incredible things I have ever gone to. I urge you to take everything in, make incredible relationships and share share share. 
Take in the atmosphere, all the people and all the incredible products you will be introduced to.
Make relationships with everyone you meet, shake hands, smile and be yourself. Some of these relationships you make will be lifelong so make a good impression! 
Share everything on social media! Utilize #ExpoWest as well as using Instagram stories, Instagram live, Snapchat and all social media platforms that you use. Recommend products to your followers and introduce your followers to as many things as you can. 

If you are going, have the best time! 
PS totally DM me so we can meet up and say hi! 

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I will be using these platforms the most, especially Insta Stories! 

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