& Sunglass Warehouse Review*

I have such a fun review to share with you today! & Sunglass Warehouse which are sister companies got in touch with me to review their products, I jumped on this opportunity because I had never seen anything so unique in my life. provides great value, an unbeatable selection, and personalized service to make their customers happy. I was asked to try out the makeup readers they have which are magnifying makeup readers that help people with glasses apply makeup. 
I can only imagine how difficult it must be for regular glasses wearers to do makeup and not be able to see clearly. These glasses are the solution for that. 

This pair of glasses allows you swivel the lens when you need to do the other eye, how cool is that! Most of the time when you are doing makeup on one eye it is either completely shut or half shut and you focus on your other eye to help you get through your makeup steps. These glasses allow you to see a magnified version through a glasses lens without it disrupting your makeup. This pair is something I would recommend to people who wear glasses put apply eyeshadow often and love to do their brows! 

With Sunglass Warehouse, you can have the best of both worlds. Whether you’re looking for a cool pair of polarized lenses for a short motorcycle ride or a pair of mirrored aviators for your weekend at the beach, they've got you covered. 

Next, we have three amazing pairs of sunnies from Sunglass Warehouse

I had decided to get 
Seneca - top pair shown
Laurel - middle pair shown
Devon - bottom pair shown

When I initially clicked on the Sunglass Warehouse website I was first of all shocked at the amazing and low prices for quality sunnies but I was also very happy to see a lot of the sunglasses had thin sides. I am a chronic headache sufferer and all sunglasses that have thick sides give me an instant headache. I have found that I really just have to stick to aviators now because of it. 
Sunglass Warehouse had so many trendy styles to chose from but they also had thin sides which was an A+ for me. I have worn every single pair of these and have not once gotten a headache. They have on-trend styles for affordable prices, you really can't go wrong in my opinion. 

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