BLOGMAS || Day Two || Christmas Shopping Tips

For today's post, I will be sharing some of my favorite Christmas shopping tips for you. Now that it is December, you have to get started with your shopping if you haven't already! I am here to share some of my favorite shopping tips with you that will hopefully help you out this season! 

Online shoppers? 
If you sign up with the link above you will get a $10 reward after your first shopping trip! Every year I always say let's try and use Ebates this year because in my house we do so much of our shopping online. This year I finally decided it was going to be the year that I would follow through. I have used it twice already and have made back $18.72! $6.00 from buying a computer at Staples and $12.72 from buying a jacket at LLBean! 

Do you insist on going to the mall? 
I know this is actually so annoying but give them your email and or phone number every time they ask. I have even made a completely separate email address just for this purpose. It truly pays off, if they ask you for your phone number, it is very likely they will send you coupons in the mail. With the emails a ton of them are promotional but a bunch of them also have coupons! 

Ask questions if the stores are not too busy. I recently discovered that if you bring in the mailed coupons to some stores, specifically Bath and Body Works some stores have a three day grace period. This means you can bring in your mailer coupons up to three days after they expire and they will push them through the system and allow you to use it. Every store is different but you won't know until you ask. 

Another great thing about the mailer coupons is that often you can stack them and use more than one coupon per transaction! Don't forget to also use these coupons on top of a great sale to score a great deal! When Bath and Body Works had the candle sale, me and my mom scored a great deal! We ended up spending $29 but got products that at the normal price would come to about $125!

Download Retail Me Not! Just on Monday, I was at Payless, they were having a 30% off sale and the woman ringing me up said, hey do you have Retail Me Not? We have an additional 20% off coupon on the app that you can use today along with our 30% off. Luckily this app was one of the first apps I downloaded when getting my new phone so I pulled it up and ended up with 50% off my purchase! The Retail Me Not app also offers online coupons as well so you can almost always find some kind of coupon code or sale through it. 

I kid you not if you want to be proactive I highly recommend you head to the mall or your stores at really off and bizarre times. Monday morning in the beginning of the month is a great time to go. As well as around dinner time but don't wait until it is too late! Go now! 

These are the best tips I have for you guys! They are all relatively simple and can't hurt when it comes to shopping during the holidays! Do you have any tips your willing to share? Let me know in the comments below!