BLOGMAS || Day Twenty-Two || New Blog, New Me

Day twenty two of December, also known has my half birthday but that is becides the point. My brain cannot wrap around the fact that we are just days away from Christmas and 2018. 

Anyways, I wanted to share some very exciting news! I remodeled my blog! I thought what better way to celebrate three years of Keeping Up With Coco then with a new blog design. This designer actually came to me super randomly! He followed me on Twitter and I followed back and after looking at his page I realized what he did. I went straight to his Etsy shop and here we are! 
I am so thrilled with Luca from LucaThemes on Etsy that I had to mention him. 
I now feel like I am offically ready for a brand new year and all the adventures it takes me on. 

Maybe I am crazy but when we get close to the end of every year I really like starting fresh with things. I like to clean my entire room out, get rid of the old and ready for the new and my blog is no exeption. My blog is an extention of me so if I start off the year with everything else all nice and clean why shouldn't I start my blog the same way!

Moving along, I hope you like my new layout and are excited for the rest of Blogmas! I will see you tomorrow with a brand new post!💕