BLOGMAS || Day Twenty || Five Last Minute Gift Ideas

It's the final countdown! 
Can you believe we have 5 more days until Christmas and 11 days until its 2018? I thought what is more fitting then giving you a short list of some great last minute gifts! 

I am such a procrastinator and do basically everything in life last minute so buying gifts last minute has become normal to me. 

Drugstore makeup is always easy and drugstores really do have fantastic products at this stage of the game. You could very easily get some makeup, add some candy and call it a day!

Lottery tickets are another great gift. You can get a ton of them for not too much money. Put these into a card with a lucky penny for them to scratch with! 

If you are looking at gifts for someone who can legally drink, a nice bottle of wine or really anything alcoholic would be much appreciated. Tie a big bow into it and you can even put a bottle into a stocking for a really cute presentation. 

If you have Amazon Prime, your choices are endless. You can buy expensive things, little gifts and everything in between and get it within two days. If you don't have Prime, I highly recommend maybe using your 30-day free trial right now, especially considering you don't have to leave your bed to shop. 

And last but certainly not least, gift cards! I haven't met anyone who is mad when they receive a gift card. This is one gift you cannot go wrong with, everyone loves them and everyone appreciates it! 

What is your last minute go-to gift?