BLOGMAS || Day Seventeen || Shopping Small this Holiday Season

Of course, mostly everyone likes gift of clothing, makeup, accessories, gift cards and what not. But why not treat someone to something they will really love and appreciate? Deciding to shop small this holiday season means you can treat a loved one to maybe a day at a local spa or a dinner with their entire family at a local restaurant and come on, that sounds pretty damn good to me. Not only will they love the present they receive, but, you will also be supporting your town or someone who grew up in your town and now opened a small shop or a business. 

After 21 years of living in the exact same place I realize how truly important it is to support local places or mom and pop shops near you. Every town needs them and everyone loves them. When I go out for breakfast I always pick the little cafe on the corner that has been in business before I was born. Why? Well, because I want to support business owners who worked their asses off to be where they are today and your experience is much more personal and honestly more delicious! You are not being seated at 1 table out of 100, you are being seated in a small shop where they have less then 10 tables. Your order is being made by chef's in the back who have worked at the restaurant since they opened the doors. 

When it comes to buying some last minute presents, why not shop small?