BLOGMAS || Day Nine || Winter Skincare Update

Hey, beauties! As I write this snow is falling and sticking to the ground here in New York! I wanted to give you a winter skincare update since today I will be pampering myself all day. Let's hop right into today's post!

When winter comes I try to make very small adjustments to my skincare routine and make sure no matter what adjustments I make, I do them one at a time to see if I react badly to any specific item. Sensitive skincare probs!
I have kept the basics of my routine the exact same and that includes washing in the morning with a mild cleanser from my local spa and washing at night with my Clarisonic and the same cleanser. After I cleanse at night I always go right into doing my acne treatment which is the same as it was. It includes me wiping my face down with my Cane + Austin Acne Retexture Pads+ and using Aczone which was prescribed to me by my dermatologist.

Recently I have wanted to add some extra things into my routine, one is a toner and one is a good mask. I decided on the Humphreys Witch Hazel as my toner which I added into my morning routine. After my skin adjusted to the witch hazel, I decided to slowly add a mask and decided to try out the Aztec Secret Indian Healing Clay Deep Pore Cleansing Mask. I use this mask three times a week with apple cider vinegar as the liquid.
Both of these items have completely changed my skin. I have much less redness, my pores are noticeably smaller and my acne scars are getting lighter with every use. Overall, I could not be happier that I decided to add these items in.

PS, after Blogmas I will be doing a full-blown review of the mask!

Do not forget to add in a good moisturizer for not only your face but your body too. I find that the in shower moisturizers are the easiest for me to use so if you haven't look into those as well. Along with a heavy duty lip balm that will keep your lips nice in this chilly weather!

Have you added anything into your skincare routine lately? Have you changed up some products because of the colder weather? Let me know in the comments! 💓