BLOGMAS || Day Eighteen || Favorite Cold Weather Accessories

While I absolutely HATE winter I do love wearing winter accessories. I just love feeling super cozy and bundled up and winter accessories sure do help with that! Today, I wanted to share some of my go-to and favorite cold weather accessories. 

Old Navy and H&M are where 99.9% of my accessories are from. 

I love H&M for infinity scarves. I find that they just have a good quality and are not itchy around my neck and honestly that is all I look for when it comes to scarves. If they happen to have some really cute colors that doesn't hurt either. 

I love Old Navy due to the fact that they are just so cheap. I can get a $5.00 beanie, $18.00 blanket scarf (which is gigantic) and a pair of texting gloves for $3.00. You really can't beat those prices and with just these three items you are set for the cold weather. 

I always have a scarf, usually an infinity one because I am so small a big scarf will just eat me up, a beanie, texting gloves and fuzzy socks on hand. 
My beanie and I have become a running joke in my family. Basically, everyone in my family makes fun of me when I try and wear it but what they don't realize is that is covers greasy hair, unstraightened roots, is warm AF and fashionable. None of them get this whole "fashion" thing so I have just stopped trying to win this battle.

Anyway, if you are looking for some super cute and affordable cold weather/winter accessories I would highly recommend Old Navy & H&M! They are always running great sales and you can almost always score a deal!💚💋