Really Last Minute Halloween Costume Ideas Using What You Own!

Are you sitting on your phone scrolling through Pinterest and Instagram trying to find last-minute
ideas for a Halloween costume? Well so am I! I pretty much do this to myself every single year and I
always end up putting on some kitty ears and eyeliner whiskers and being a kitten for the 10th year in
a row! 

I have put together a list of 13 Halloween costumes that you can find in your closet! Chances are you can come up with something from the list I have come up with! Have a very Happy Halloween beauties! 

Have a denim top? 
Have a denim vest? 
Have blue jeans?
Go as Denim Justin or Denim Brittney! 
*Bonus* grab a friend to be the Brittney to your Justin or the Justin to your Brittney! 

Have a red and white striped shirt?
Have blue jeans?
Have glasses?
Go as Where’s Waldo!
*Bonus* add a pair of short brown booties to look just like Waldo! 

Have a blue hoodie?
Have black sunnies?
Go as Damian from Mean Girls! 
*Bonus* don’t forget your “she doesn’t even go here” sign! 

Have a Hawaiian shirt?
Have shorts?
Have a fanny pack?
Go as a tourist! 
*Bonus* add a dad hat or sunnies to finish off your look! 

Have a flowy dress?
Have a flower crown?
Go as a hippie or Coachella queen!
*Bonus* add glitter to show the true Coachella queen that you are! 

Have a plaid shirt?
Have a big floppy hat?
Go as a scarecrow! 
*Bonus* add some cute scarecrow makeup! look on Pinterest & YouTube for ideas, all you need is black eyeliner! 

Have a plaid shirt?
Have blue jeans?  
Have a pair of boots?
Have a bandana?
Have a cowboy hat? 
Go as a cowgirl! 
*Bonus* put your hair into two braids or add some curls to your hair!

Have a black dress?
Have a white collared shirt? 
Go as Wednesday Adams! 
*Bonus* part your hair down the middle and add two braids and do really pale makeup to look just like Wednesday!

Have cat ears?
Have a black sweater?
Have black leggings?
Go as a kitten! 
*Bonus* add some whiskers and a cute little black nose! Black eyeliner or eyeshadow will work great!  

Have a pink top?
Have purple leggings?
Go as Boo from Monster’s Inc! 
*Bonus* throw your hair up into two pigtails and add some white sneakers! 

Have a red top?
Have white shorts?
Have a whistle?
Go as a lifeguard! 
*Bonus* add some sunnies and a dad baseball hat! Want to go the extra mile? Add some white makeup to your nose that will act as sunscreen! 

Have a football jersey? 
Go as a football player! 
*Bonus* add some black under your eyes! Black eyeliner, eyeshadow, and lipstick will all work! 
Want to go the extra mile? Add some high socks, converse and rock your sports team colors through lipstick or a hat! 

If it comes down to it, throw on a couture black trash bag! You can call yourself 2017🖤