I Am Being Scammed & You May Be Getting Scammed Too.

I truly wish this was a pure clickbait title but in reality, I am being scammed.

Some of you may not think this is a scam or think its something that does not qualify as a scam under your standards but let's just say this; if you were in my situation for 6+ years I think you may feel the same way.

It's not just me being scammed, thousands of New Yorkers and people from the tri-state area are also in the exact same boat as me and I think it is finally time for me to speak my truth. 

Z100 which is an IHeartRadio station that plays to New York holds a Jingle Ball every year, unfortunately, after research, I cant find an exact date as to when Jingle Ball first started but I was able to go back and find a 1994 setlist which included Bon Jovi and Green Day. This just shows that the Z100 Jingle Ball has been in existence for over 20 years. 

This is one huge holiday show that Z100 sets up and gets all of the hottest artists so I can understand it being difficult to get into. This year for example, Taylor Swift, Ed Sheeran & The Chainsmokers are just three of the 14 acts playing this year. Now with a concert with all of these top performers, someone who has been to concerts and sees ticket prices like myself would expect ticket prices to be through the roof. Not only would I expect tickets to be expensive but I would also expect it to be very hard to even get tickets. Well, unfortunately, this is the reality of the Z100 Jingle Ball, except; this isn’t even the half of it.

I don’t want this to be extremely long so I will try and shorten a few things so please just bear with me! 

Yes, tickets are hard to get, everyone and I understand that. 

Yes, tickets are expensive, everyone and I understand that. 

What I don’t understand is why scalpers get tickets.

What I don’t understand is why scalpers get tickets that aren’t yet available to the public and sell them for triple what they are worth. 

What I don’t understand is why people truly go out of their way to sell fake tickets. (I have a story about this one but let's save that for another day.)

What I don’t understand is why Z100 does ticket giveaways every hour for decent seats and then only put shitty ones on Ticketmaster.

What I don’t understand is why MADISON SQUARE GARDEN HAS EMPTY SECTIONS DURING THE SHOW. (My sister and her friend went a few years ago, they waited on the box office line only to get two tickets in two different sections, got in after the first act was over and they both had the entire section , which mind you was in the 100s to themselves.) Where were the rest of those tickets? Sitting on StubHub for thousands of dollars? 

What I don’t understand is why they sell “obstructed view” seats for the same price as regular seats. (Note that these tickets are completely behind the stage and all you have is a screen to watch on.)

What I don’t understand is why the box office on show day sells these tickets out like they are going out of style. They claim to sell out EVERY year and somehow every year the box office line is five+ blocks long and a majority of those people get tickets. 

What I don’t understand is why companies are handed groups of tickets and if they find people to go, great, if they don’t, someone who truly wanted to go could have gotten them. 

What I don’t understand is why they claim to sell out when they know they will not have a fully packed show.

What I don’t understand is why they don’t want true fans in those seats. 

What I don’t understand is when they go on pre-sale/sale can you only get one ticket for the shittiest seat in the house.

What I understand is why I have tried to get tickets for 6 years and have never once pulled up two tickets together. Literally, 6 years of going on Ticketmaster at the time of ticket release and not once in 6 years have I gotten two tickets together. Not even in the obstructed view sections.  

What I cannot wrap my head around is that Ticketmaster just released a complete savior for fans, which is called Verified Fan Tickets. I can say for a fact that this was the only reason I was able to get floor seats to Harry Styles. Verified Fan works by having you sign up, make sure your not a robot and the day tickets go on sale you get a code texted to you which you then enter and you are then allowed into the ticketing portion of the Ticketmaster website. After I put in my code the first pair of tickets it spits back out was floor seats. Ticketmaster created this to ensure REAL fans got REAL tickets. Z100 should be using this if they really wanted to see fans at the Jingle Ball. I am not naive enough to say that the Verified Fan only allows fans to get tickets because you can find your way around anything these days but it does help. 

I believe myself and tons of other true fans continue to get scammed by Z100 and Ticketmaster when it comes to buying these tickets. 

I am not alone in this; here I have taken screenshots of some other fans who are facing the same situation I am. These screenshots will be accompanied by screenshots of the current StubHub situation. If the following photo of ticket prices doesn’t scream scam to you, I don’t know what will. Make sure to look closely at the ticket locations and prices below. 

All I am trying to do by writing this is to raise some awareness for people who are being scammed by Z100 Jingle Ball and Ticketmaster. The whole ticketing process is a complete scam. If you are desperate to go please try and win them directly through the radio station or if you can get tickets via Ticketmaster where you can see the stage, just pay the price. I am begging you to not pay outrageous prices from StubHub and other third party sites, that’s what scalpers want you to do because that’s how they make money. Another thing I am begging you to do is to be safe with everything you are doing to score yourself 2017 Z100 Jingle Ball tickets. DO NOT, and I repeat DO NOT think someone from Facebook or Twitter or Craigslist is going to meet you in New York City to give you tickets for a reasonable cost. First and foremost, it is not safe to meet with a stranger period. Especially if you are looking for tickets, these people will sell you fake tickets that won't scan at the door and you will be out money and much worse things can happen. If you take anything away from this blog post it needs to be that you need to be safe about this and not fall under someone’s spell or comply with a scam.

As always please message me or leave me comments if you want to share your story or have also dealt with this scam before. Don’t forget to follow me on social media and since this was a special post this week, I will be back to my Monday postings next Monday!