& The Perfect Road Trip Vehicle

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Recently I took my first “road trip” to bring my sister all the way to college in North Carolina and boy was it an experience. While I took no part in the driving part in this road trip I still was stuck in the backseat with a ton of college dorm stuff.

When taking a road trip I can now say from experience that finding the right car to road trip with is so extremely important. I saw so many older cars broken down on the sides of the road between New York and North Carolina and they truly are just stuck and can’t do much about it. You need to have a solid and strong car when you are going on a road trip. Even if you are driving an hour or 12 hours you cant have your car break down on you when you’re in a strange place!

Another very important thing is how big your car is and the amount of storage room you have. I am telling you, if my mom did not have her minivan we would have not gotten all of my sister's dorm stuff to her school. We had that car stuffed to the brim like Tetris. You need to think ahead and plan where you are going and what kind of storage you need.

Don't be forgetting about safety either!
Check out the Car Seat Safety Checks to make sure you are road tripping the safest way possible!