Posts & The Perfect Road Trip Vehicle

*Sponsored Post* Recently I took my first “road trip” to bring my sister all the way to college in North Carolina and boy was it an experience. While I took no part in the driving part in this road trip I still was stuck in the backseat with a ton of college dorm stuff. When taking a road trip I can now say from experience that finding the right car to road trip with is so extremely impo… Keep Reading »

Divatress Wigs

This is a sponsored post and all opinions are mine! As someone who is always on social media and see celebrities and influencers change there hair in a matter of minutes I have always wondered about the different kind of wigs they have to offer online and where the heck I can even get started. Don't worry, I have gone through the process of looking up wigs online, do not waste your t… Keep Reading »

Really Last Minute Halloween Costume Ideas Using What You Own!

Are you sitting on your phone scrolling through Pinterest and Instagram trying to find last-minute ideas for a Halloween costume? Well so am I! I pretty much do this to myself every single year and I always end up putting on some kitty ears and eyeliner whiskers and being a kitten for the 10th year in a row!  I have put together a list of 13 Halloween costumes that you can find in your clos… Keep Reading »

I Am Being Scammed & You May Be Getting Scammed Too.

I truly wish this was a pure clickbait title but in reality, I am being scammed. Some of you may not think this is a scam or think its something that does not qualify as a scam under your standards but let's just say this; if you were in my situation for 6+ years I think you may feel the same way. It's not just me being scammed, thousands of New Yorkers and people from the tri-sta… Keep Reading »

Emmy's Organics Coconut Cookie Review*

The wonderful team at Emmy's Organics was so kind and sent me four packages of their organic coconut cookies to try out and review for you guys! I already knew about Emmy's before they contacted me and was absolutely thrilled when they did!  I am in love with the little story of how Emmy's Organics got started and really wanted to share that with you because it just puts an i… Keep Reading »