Why I Will Never Participate In Another Loop Giveaway

Let's just hop right into this one and keep it short and sweet.

This is why I will never participate in another loop giveaway ever again. 

If you don't know what a loop giveaway is, it is an Instagram giveaway where the creator and person running the giveaway will collect a specific amount of money from everyone who wants to get involved. This money will go towards the big prize/prizes that one person will win in the end. It has become something that you see everywhere nowadays. Everyone from Tori Spelling to little bloggers like me decides to participate. If you are willing to pay the set amount, you are in. If you see a big flatlay photo with a bunch of items that are very expensive it is most likely a loop giveaway. 

Here is how the loop giveaway works. The person running the giveaway collects your money (mine was via Paypal), picks out the things he or she wants to giveaway with the set amount of money they have gotten, and basically sets up some kind of chat (mine was an Instagram DM) with everyone participating, sends you the photo, sends you exactly what to write.
For the people entering, they see one photo and have to like the specific photo and follow everyone who is in the loop to be entered. I am sure I am explaining this very poorly but you most likely have seen them and know what they are and for those who haven't you can, of course, look them up if you want more details! 

Now, this is just a few of the reasons I will absolutely never do one of these again. 

You are paying to participate and in my opinion buying your followers without going through a third party bot system. You send a set amount of money to someone's Paypal account praying they follow through, and to be honest, that is never guaranteed. With what is going on with Instagram these last weeks, the person you are paying could literally fall off the face of the earth and their account could get deleted. Honestly, so many things could go wrong with this but I won't go into much more detail about this part. 

I never got to see the prizes until the morning of the giveaway when the photo was sent to all of the people participating. You are only told the category of the giveaway and of course since I am a beauty blogger I chose the beauty giveaway. 

The person running the giveaway sent us the photo and said edit this photo however you choose and follow these instructions very carefully. Oh, not to mention you could get kicked out at any point even if you spoke in the chat because they request that it stays silent. 

On top of not seeing the prizes, you are not seeing the photo. Personally, I was extremely unhappy with the photo I was given. 

You are told to come back to the DM 5 minutes before the giveaway happens with very strict instructions. 

You have to copy and paste the caption he or she writes out for you and insert the person that you are continuing the loop from. The person running the giveaway made a list based on follower numbers and said tag the person below you on the list to make the loop. 

If you didn't respond to the DM at the 5-minute mark, you would simply be skipped and would be out the money you paid. At this point again you are completely at other peoples mercy and have to hope that one, they loop you in and two, the loop is actually "looped". Meaning that it makes a full circle, if you start at your account you will end at your account. 

The person running my loop wrote that we were looped and wrote to us "not posting on time and not skipping (meaning skipping someone if they didn't check in) loses so many entries. My photo already has 124 and some have 0. That is the impact that not following the directions has." 
I completely agree that if you don't follow instructions it does impact the loop and it did in my case. 
Of course, I always try to be as accommodating as I can be but a few people have actually messed this up, I paid to be here and now I am not getting the payoff that other loops get with people who can follow directions. 

After the person running the giveaway sees that you are completely looped and ready to go, you think your work is done. Well, I came to find out that this was completely wrong. 

I was told I must post to my Instagram story and do two MANDATORY re-posts. This was slowly turning into a lot of what I never asked for. 

After seeing a decent following from this I kind of came around to the idea of it and was down. 
Until I later read my DM's. "Everyone please repost. I found out why the loop has been so slow. One of the profiles in the loop somehow disappeared. So the loop has been broken. Just found out and we fixed it." 

WELL FUCK, I was one of the people affected by the loop being broken. The person running the giveaway should constantly be checking that everyone has done everything right and that everything is running smoothly because after all this is something that only benefits everyone if everyone is doing things correctly. 

At this point, I was ready to put up a big stink but I just simply asked "Hey! Had a quick question, did the disappearing profile affect the people at the end of the loop?" 
The person running the giveaway never responded. 

So now, I am at the end of a loop which was broken for who knows how long, I am not getting answers, I am not getting my money back and to be honest I would have even liked to be invited back for a discounted price but at this point I am realizing I am shit out of luck here. 

Honestly, all I can do is warn you about these things and share my experiences and hope that you do learn from my mistakes. I am not trying to shade anyone involved or be mean or rude I just want to share my story so people don't get LOOPED into these types of things when they aren't made completely clear to you. 

This is my story and why I will never participate in another loop giveaway. 

Thank you for watching this episode of True Story: I Fall for Bullshit.

Hope you enjoyed this little, not so little story time post I had for you! Beware of things like this and don't think everything is all sunshine and roses people! I will see you next Monday and will be back to a beauty review!

PS please let me know in the comments some of your loop giveaway experiences!