Pacifica Beauty Lip Balm Review*

I was so extremely lucky to be contacted by Pacifica to review their brand new line of lip balms.  Here is what Pacifica has to say about them! "Our latest 100% vegan + cruelty-free Lip Balm Line-up + Sugar Scrub.   Highly moisturizing balms made with coconut, almond, jojoba oils, natural flavor, and stevia, these little gems will  shake up the lip balm world with a huge cult-followin… Keep Reading »

Why I Will Never Participate In Another Loop Giveaway

Let's just hop right into this one and keep it short and sweet. This is why I will never participate in another loop giveaway ever again.  If you don't know what a loop giveaway is, it is an Instagram giveaway where the creator and person running the giveaway will collect a specific amount of money from everyone who wants to get involved. This money will go towards the big priz… Keep Reading »