July 12, 2017

The Range 702 Las Vegas*

I swear I start every blog post with how I am the luckiest girl in the world and this post is no different. I was able to make one of my lifelong bucket list items come true in Las Vegas through USFamilyGuide.com! I was able to go to The Range 702, which is a shooting range, I was given an hour of free range time ! If you read until the end you can find out how you can also get this awesome deal! *Side note I am not being paid anything to mention this offer to you guys I really just want some of you to experience a shooting range just like I did!

So first let me tell you, for as long as I can remember I have watched cop and crime shows and after watching them for the longest time I remember thinking to myself how cool would it be to shoot a gun. Obviously I only wanted to do this if I was in a secure environment like a shooting range. Once I came across this opportunity I literally begged my dad to go. I wish I could say I was kidding but every night when he would come home from work I would be like so have you thought about it yet? Do you want to go? When do you want me to book it? He would 100% confirm this, I swear I am his crazy daughter (he would confirm this too).

Anyway, we watch these shows together, some of our favorites are Chicago PD, I was obsessed with The Following when it was on and of course Shades of Blue. So I finally convinced him to do it with me! We got to The Range 702, talked to a few different people regarding us coming in to get our free range time and they set us up with our INCREDIBLE instructor named Chris. My dad and I literally could not know less about guns, we had never held one before, we had never even seen one in person so we truly needed as much help as we could get and Chris was honestly what made the whole experience a memory we will never forget.

He picked out the gun for us and said it was going to be the best gun for us newbies to use. We put in our little ear buds then the big headphone things on top of that and of course our safety goggles and we headed right in! Chris helped us through literally every step of things; he helped us do everything from hang up our targets to holding my back every time I took a shot because here comes in this little four foot six inch girl in converse with no experience. He gave us the full run down of what to expect, what was going to happen and how to do every single thing and I don’t think he could have been any nicer, any more knowledgeable or more helpful to me and my dad. And like I said before he completely made this experience for us.

With all of this being said, I want to address one thing here because I do realize this is an extremely touchy subject. I am someone who does not believe in guns or the use of guns but it was something I just wanted to try. Honestly when I walked out of The Range 702 and my mom asked me so how was it, I said I am happy I did it because I never want to hold a gun or see a gun for the rest of my life.

Now if you are still here and do want to try it out like I did or are located in the Las Vegas area and want to get some free range time I have a special coupon for you to get one our completely free! You can check out the link HERE

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