July 25, 2017

Las Vegas Fun Guide (for a 21 year old & her family)

As I am very sure most of you know by now I was lucky enough to celebrate my 21st birthday in Las Vegas and of course I had to share my highlights with all of you beauties! I know most of you guys are around my age and may be traveling with your family so I wanted to tie that all in together and create this post!
I did so much research and honestly all I came across is things that could be done with friends and none of what I read could actually be done with your mom, dad or underage sister. So let me tell you a little bit of everything and hop right into things!

Literally so thankful for my amazing parents, my dad upgraded us to be prestige members at the Palazzo so when we got out of our Uber and got to the hotel they sent us to a fancy floor where no joke we were greeted with prosecco and for my sister sparkling apple cider. The social media team also provided me with a super adorable pool bag filled with goodies and then a box of Godiva chocolate. We make it up to our room and were greeted by more goodies! The public relations team had left me a spread of all kinds of goodies for us to enjoy while we were staying! Not to mention our suite at the Palazzo was unbelievable and gave us a perfect view of the Palazzo pools! (I mention that the view is of the Palazzo pools because when you stay at either the Palazzo or the Venetian you can use either of their pools as they are technically connecting hotels.)
Okay, so I just wanted to give you guys a little backstory for the hotel but now were going to move on to short and sweet little recommendations I have for you!

You must go to a buffet while in Vegas! Which one is the best? I would say 100% it would have to be the Bacchanal Buffet in Caesar’s Palace.

Best Italian food on the strip? Hit up Buddy V’s Ristorante and get the Caesar salad with the croutons, you will thank me later!

Most Instaworthy restaurant? The Sugar Factory of course! I mean can you even say you went if you didn’t order a goblet and take an adorable Boomerang with it?

Best Appetizers? Giada at The Cromwell (the bruschetta they make comes with avocado on it and no joke I have been craving it ever since we got back.)

You obviously have to gamble. Lucky for me both of my parents wanted to kind of show me the casino ropes so my mom and I went down to the casino one night for slots and the next night my dad and I went down to the casino and played at the craps table. Side note, my mom was very confused when we got down to the casino (HOME GIRL BROUGHT ROLLED COINS WITH HER IN HER SUITCASE) she was completely expecting to just keep popping her change in the machines and I was like no mom its basically all on your cashout voucher. Somehow I knew more then she did. Also I would highly recommend playing at all the hotels you go to (I lost around $30 at Planet Hollywood and won a whopping $54 at The Cromwell and $30 at the Bellagio.)

You of course have to do window shopping or actual shopping at the Grand Canal Shops in the Venetian and if you can fit it in, a gondola ride as well!

Walking into the flower room at The Bellagio was amazing and absolutely breathtaking! Not to mention the water show they do every 15 minutes outside. Yes, this is where Drake did his Billboard’s performance.

From my previous blog posts which were V The UltimateVariety Show, The Range 702 and The Blue Man Group you can get a pretty good feel for some of the shows and attractions we hit up while we were in Las Vegas! I would highly recommend all three of these and you can read some more in those posts!

Hope you enjoy my recommendations for Las Vegas and please leave me a comment below what some of your favorite things to do and let me know if you have been to any of these spots!  

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