Funny Graphic Tees For Today*

Funny Graphic Tees for Today sent me two ADORABLE shirts to review for you guys! I got to pick out two shirts from there Amazon shop and of course I picked one that said “Just Queenin’” and one that said “Avocadhoe” because I’m literally just that.

So lets jump right into my review! I wanted to of course mention the sayings on these shirts and how adorable they are. Like COME ON Avocadhoe, that’s genius and needs to be trademarked if it isn’t already. But enough with what the shirts say, I want to touch on how they feel on. They are some of the most comfortable tees I actually own and super soft and comfy!

The one bad thing I need to mention is the sizing. Normally when I buy shirts I buy a small or medium because I usually like my tops to be a little bit on the bigger side so they don’t stick to me in all the wrong places if you know what I mean. I think the sizing is completely off for these shirts; a medium on me was what I would normally consider to be an extra small or small. On Amazon the second photo is the sizing chart but I really don’t know if I can believe what is written. I couldn’t even do a cute OOTD photo with the shirts on because I didn’t feel that they fit me correctly.

With that all being said, I would order one or two sizes up for a woman shirt or a men’s shirt since they aren’t as fitted! But besides the fit they are adorable and comfy and I would highly recommend them if you find a cute saying that you like AKA AVOCADHOE!

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You can also buy the Avocadhoe shirt HERE
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