ATZEN Breakout Remedy*

I wrote about ATZEN previously, absolutely loved their product line and they read my post and sent me the product I mentioned I wanted to try out! HOW AMAZING!

Since I am hoping you have read my previous blog post on ATZEN I wont go into all the company details and will just give you my review! If you haven’t, read it here!

Pictures speak louder then words don’t they? Well here is a before and after photo I have taken while using the ATZEN Breakout Remedy. 

I added this treatment into my normal skincare routine as a spot treatment to obviously treat my bad spots and LOOK AT THESE RESULTS! I am kind of embarrassed to show my before photo and then even an after photo with no makeup on because I really don’t have good skin and never have. But I needed you guys to see what this product has done to my skin. I had always been a holy grail Mario Badescu Drying Lotion or tea tree oil kind of girl until I found this stuff.

Clearly, as you can tell I HIGHLY RECOMMEND ATZEN Breakout Remedy for all of my problem skin beauties out there. It has become a go to product for me and I kind of die over it!

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