April 19, 2017

Whole Clarity*

The wonderful Connie, the owner and founder of Whole Clarity and I started talking prior to Expo West since we were both attending and I actually got to try out all of these products before even attending the show.
Let me first tell you a little more about Whole Clarity. “Whole Clarity is just one of many amazing companies on the planet working towards solving the worlds toughest problems. Whether you use our products or others, we encourage you to stay informed, read labels and vote with your dollars! By using Whole Clarity you'll stand for a healthier and happier you, a more balanced planet, fair treatment of animals and humans, sustainable products and manufacturing plus so much more.”
Connie sent me there 24hour/aluminum free lavender deodorant, the fountain of youth face lotion, toner, body & air spray in fresh perspective and flower garden and their original oil cleanser & makeup remover to try out. So lets hop right into my review of the products. 
I can only say I wasn’t in love with the lavender deodorant because to be honest, I am extremely particular when it comes to my armpits and have been using the same deodorant for years. I think its great if you are able to switch up deodorants and change things up every once in a while but for me normally I would have passed on this one. The other products were all amazing and I have to say my favorite was hands down the body & air spray in fresh perspective. I found myself literally spritzing this EVERYWHERE. I put it in my hair, on my fresh laundry, and just around the room when I wanted it to smell nice. I also loved the other scent, which was flower garden even though I normally hate floral scents, this one was an exception and I really liked it!
The fountain of youth face lotion no joke looks like butter in the container and to be honest I ruined it before I could snap a photo. If a product looks like a whipped cream swirl but like butter at the same time (I don’t actually think that makes sense but that was what it was like) I will love it. I am a sucker for cute little butters on tables at events and to be honest, rose butter is the way to my heart. I kind of just loved it for that but it was actually a really nice face lotion too! I used it more on my hands because my face doesn’t do well with many thick lotions or moisturizers and I didn’t want to risk it! Last but not least the toner and the oil cleanser & makeup remover both worked wonders and I can’t say a single bad word about either of them! Like I mentioned in a previous post with a spray toner I also love using this one as a refreshing mist too, it smells so nice and you can’t go wrong! The oil cleanser & makeup remover took off some of my toughest mascara in one go, how could you go wrong with that?
Now, you must stop what you are doing, check out Whole Clarity and follow them on Instagram! Don't forget to also head to my Instagram tonight at 6:30 to enter my giveaway!! 

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