Spa De Soleil & Spa Treat*

This review is a combination review with Spa De Soleil & Spa Treat! I met up with the woman of Spa De Soleil at Expo West and they introduced me to a company they manufacture for which is Spa Treat! Hope this is all making sense and it doesn’t just keep reading, it eventually will make sense! Anyway today you will be reading my review of Spa Treat’s Multi Flavored Salt Scrub and Spa Treat’s Shea Body Butter!

Here is more about Spa Treat “How many times have we wished we could have our own spa at home? That’s the premise behind Spa Treat’s new line of Salt Scrubs and Shea Body Butters. The line launched this past July and it’s exclusively available at CVS stores across the US. The Spa Treat Salt Scrubs blend the powers of aromatherapy with natural vitamins, minerals and essential oils that gently, but thoroughly, exfoliate the skin and leave it feeling nourished and smooth. To get the full pampering experience there are also the Shea Body Butters which are rich and natural moisturizers that have anti-inflammatory benefits and help to enhance Collagen rejuvenation.” Spa Treat is manufactured by a company called Spa De Soleil, which is a leading manufacturer of private label, custom and pre-formulated skin and hair care products. 

NOW FINALLY THE REASON YOU ALL CLICKED! THE REVIEW! Literally I am obsessed and blessed that these products can be bought at CVS (literally my favorite store in the world.) These products are by far the best salt scrub and shea body butter I have ever tried. Let me tell you a little bit more, well I currently have horrific skin just due to the change in weather here in New York. My hands are still dry and cracked from winter and my legs are gross and the reason I only wear leggings.

I used the salt scrub first on my entire body actually before I even got wet. I stood in my shower, lathered up on my salt scrub and then when I turned the water on I rinsed it all off. That was step one and step two was getting out of the shower, drying off and then using the body butter. LET ME TELL YOU! This combination is stellar. I went up to my mom and was like hi, feel my skin and she was absolutely shocked! My skin felt like a baby’s butt & probably the softest and best it has ever felt after using products. Now let me tell you about the smell! No joke, it smells like of course the scent that it is but like a candy version of the scent. Like the raspberry shea body butter smelt like I was rubbing raspberry candy onto my body. It lingered for just the right amount of time and never once gave me a headache feeling, which is usually one of my biggest problems with any kind of lotion or potion.

All I can say is that you guy’s kind of need to just try this yourselves. Pick your favorite scent and just try it out I swear to you that you won’t be disappointed. Head to your local CVS right now & if you’re in a good mood also follow Spa Treat on Facebook & Twitter!