Mellisa B Naturally*

Today I have my last Expo West beauty related review for you babes! This review is on the company Mellisa B Naturally! They sent me two products for me to test out and let you know my thoughts on. They are the TriPotency Peptide Serum and the Moisturize and More!

Here is a little back-story for Mellisa B Naturally. “The story of Mellisa B Naturally includes a fondness for fitness, health & wellness, natural skincare, and even love. It began early in the life of our co-founder and namesake, Mellisa. Her family and upbringing was grounded in health; eating healthy and keeping active was expected. Fruits and vegetables and fresh foods were staples – in fact, Mellisa was a teenager before she tasted a soft drink. After two years in development, and countless test versions and seemingly endless reformulating, Mellisa B Naturally’s first eight products were ready to debut. In 2016, Mellisa B Naturally introduced their line of anti-aging products that balance the potency of nature with modern cosmeceutical ingredients. Fruit and plant extracts work alongside peptides and antioxidants to create deep nurturing natural skincare.”

Now onto the products! The Moisturize and More had to be my favorite out of the two because I love trying out different moisturizers. I love different formulas and consistencies and think every single moisturizer is great but different in their own way. This one has been my go to night moisturizer for my super dry spots like my eyebrows, I know weird, and that weird part between my upper lip and my nose. This for me is the perfect thick moisturizer without it feeling thick and heavy on the skin. It really gets the job done, moisturizes the crap out of your face and doesn’t leave you feeling greasy and one huge plus it kind of smells like nothing! Sometimes when I use a night moisturizer for any part of my body my sheets will still smell like that the next morning and this leaves no scent trace which I truly appreciate! I also want to mention that this contains collagen and hyaluronic acid!!  YAYYY!!

Being only 20 and not really being super into all kinds of serums for my teenager hormonal skin I actually have a new appreciation for serums because of the Tri Potency Peptide Serum! It wont just help with fine lines and wrinkles but it helps with overall skin tone and skin texture! And I absolutely did notice that happening when I used this. I saw that some of my acne scars, which haven’t come into a full blown acne scar yet but are just dark marks on my face really liked this product, I think the marks have actually changed in tone!  I cant say I look any younger since I already look like I am 15 years old but I sure do feel better about these ugly marks on my face since using this product!

Mellisa B Naturally also has a ton of other products I am dying to check out like the Microdermabrasion Scrub and the Pumpkin & Coconut Exfoliating Mask (basically two of my favorite things put into a face mask!) Check out Mellisa B Naturally if you are in the market for any new skincare products! You wont be let down!

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