I was very lucky to meet up with a really awesome company at Expo West called Kaibae (I am obsessed with that name!) At the expo I was given a few samples of the products to try out but instead of a full in depth review I wanted to let you guys know the importance of Kaibae’s products and how beneficial they are for you.

Here is there story, “The Kaibae vision was inspired by the Baobab Tree. It’s fruit has sustained African communities for centuries with its SUPERFOOD qualities. The mission is to source Lost CropsTM whose potential for health and economic opportunity are undiscovered or under-utilized. The Baobab fruit harvest initiated by Kaibae, provides new opportunities to improve access to education and healthcare for our partners in Northern Ghana.”
Kaibae makes a variety of products but specifically the three I got to try were the Baobab Fruit Powder, Cacay Plant Based Protein Blend and the Kaibae Face Oil. All of these products were amazing but in my opinion the benefits are actually better. For the powders you can simply add these into anything, if you wanted to sprinkle a little on your oatmeal or yogurt in the morning or even add the powder into a smoothie or a shake you can do both of those and the oil is a lovely face oil which I actually use on my really dry body patches like the backs of my hands and my knees, I know I’m super weird! But I have to tell you it works wonders!
Okay, now the reason I really wanted to write this was the benefits. Baobab is a super fruit and is natures best multi-vitamin! It has 6 times more vitamin C then an orange, 2 times more calcium then a glass of milk, 4 times more potassium then a banana, 6 times more antioxidants then berries and 12 times more dietary fiber then an apple. TALK ABOUT A MOUTHFULL! How crazy is that? It is a natural source of fuel to increase energy and relive fatigue. Baobab can also play a vital role in weight loss and the prevention of chronic inflammation, diabetes and cardiovascular disease. Honestly, does it get any better then that?

Here are all the links you need to find Kaibae and the health benefits on Baobab! And of course links to their social media! Facebook, Twitter & Instagram! Check them out and if you think Baobab can be beneficial to your health you better be putting in an order for some Kaibae for yourself IMMEDIATELY!