Elmhurst Nutmilk*

I was so lucky when I got to meet up with the amazing people at Elmhurst at Expo West this year. After the show they wanted to send me product to review and I said, HELL YEAH! At the show I was like uhhh what, you milked walnuts? Am I reading this properly? Well, I was. They actually have milked walnuts, hazelnuts, almonds and cashews.

Here is a little more about Elmhurst, “Recently Elmhurst has made a major shift to lead the plant-based revolution. Now simply called Elmhurst, its minimally processed nutmilks are just as nutritious and pure as its famous conventional milk, with none of the emulsifiers, thickeners or stabilizers used in other leading brands.”
“We are dairy free. We are gluten free.
We are Carrageenan free.
We are artificial flavors free.
We are artificial colors free. We are vegetarian. We are vegan.
We are GMO free.
We are soy free.
We are lactose free.
We are egg free.
We are antibiotic free. We are hormone free. We are Kosher.”

Let me give you a little overview of each product and which one was my favorite. So the milked walnuts and hazelnuts smell just like a bowl of that particular nut. The milked almonds and cashews have a very subtle smell to them but you can absolutely tell its not just regular milk. They were all very creamy and light and I could see each of them being perfect for different things.

I can see myself adding the milked cashews to a protein shake or to cereal because I think this was the lightest tasting out of all of them and my personal favorite.

I totally see milked hazelnuts working FAB with a cup of coffee! I totally see it making your everyday cup of coffee way more exciting!

The milked walnuts I could actually see being drunk completely alone maybe with some cookies or a nice dessert with walnuts in it! (As I am now writing this out I got sidetracked looking on Pinterest for walnut desserts because this is a genius idea.)

And of course milked almonds just as you would use your regular almond milk, if you made overnight oats, smoothies or of course a latte it would be perfect!

I have to say; if you are looking for a dairy alternative I highly recommend you check out Elmhurst Nut Milks. They really do make nut milk more exciting by having such a wide variety. They were all delicious and actually as I am writing this I have completely run out of three of them and plan on finishing up the milked cashews with my breakfast tomorrow!

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