Cookie Chips & A GIVEAWAY!!!*

Again, I am the luckiest girl ever. This time because I get to review cookies, LIKE HOW DID I GET SO LUCKY, I DON’T UNDERSTAND! These cookies aren’t just any cookies; they are cookie chips, which I will tell you about in one second, but first. Why cookie chips? Well, “We carefully craft each recipe so that you can bring home a responsible snack for your family, that also tastes delicious. Baked with cage-free eggs and no RBGH butter, we say goodbye to GMO’s, artificial colors and flavors, leaving you (and your kids) with only the highest quality ingredients. Go ahead, treat yourself.”

OH MY LAWD, I am truly ashamed to say I ate like three servings in one sitting because Cookie Chips are absolutely delicious. I was lucky enough to actually meet with the ladies of Cookie Chips at Expo West and they brought me into their adorable booth and I got this super cute picture!

Anyway, I was lucky enough to try chocolate chip (my personal fave), cinnamon sugar & sea-salted caramel. They are all absolutely delish and no joke you could finish an entire bag if you were watching a movie. They are also not even that bad for you, for being cookies, which is kind of the best part, they are made with the best ingredients possible. I mean that makes it okay to eat the whole bag right?

Since I love you guys so much I am actually partnering with Cookie Chips to do an Instagram giveaway starting tomorrow on my Instagram page. Its going to be super easy to enter and you will win VIP coupons to score yourself three bags of Cookie Chips! They are available at all Target & Sprout stores and most major grocers regionally so you can easily get your hands on three bags if you win! 
Be sure to watch out for that coming tomorrow at 6:30 PM EST HERE 
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