Celsius- The Healthy Energy Drink*

Celsius is one of the first products I tried at this years Expo West!
I actually originally heard of this brand through Lauren Elizabeth because she did mentioned the brand in her favorite healthy snacks haul and once I saw they would be exhibiting I knew I had to stop by.

Here’s a little Celsius background for you! “CELSIUS is a healthy energy drink that is backed by science. This one-of-a kind product also burns body fat and burns 100+ calories with each serving. Proven to Work. Our MetaPlus® formula is inside each tasty can of CELSIUS. Metaplus® makes CELSIUS a clean and healthy energy drink with all of the ingredients you want and none of the junk. CELSIUS contains no sugar, no high fructose corn syrup, no aspartame, no preservatives, no artificial colors or flavors, is very low in sodium, vitamin enriched, gluten free and vegan.”  No joke, when I first read this I was like why the hell haven’t I heard of this brand before today? This sounds like the ultimate pre workout drink even though I don’t work out (shhhh don’t tell anyone).

I was a bit weary because some drinks can be a little, you know, not great.
BUT DAMN, this stuff is delicious. I have now tried the sparkling grapefruit, sparkling cucumber lime, sparkling watermelon, sparkling wild berry, sparkling cola, watermelon berry and pineapple coconut and have like 3 favorites but don’t get me wrong, they are all really good!
 My 3 favorites are actually the sparkling grapefruit, sparkling cola & watermelon berry! The cola no joke is Coke, I almost thought my sister poured me Coke instead of Celsius just because it truly tastes that good.

I could literally drink Celsius on a regular basis just due to the fact they are downright delicious they also are really beneficial to your health. It’s a drink baked by science, its delicious and a great drink substitute and its good for you. LIKE WHAT, HOW IS ALL OF THAT POSSIBLE?

I mean whatever the amazing people at Celsius do, they are doing it right and I will be proudly be Amazon Priming 2384567 cases to my house tonight. Celsius was one of the greatest products I saw at the show because of the fact I know I will be a future customer. I absolutely recommend Celsius to each and every one of you beauties and hope you enjoy it as much as I do! The lovely woman I met with at the show also told me that if you are worried about possibly not liking a flavor like I was in the beginning you can actually buy a sampler pack from Amazon! I will have it linked right HERE!

We also got into a conversation about the Kardashian’s because she asked how I got my blog name and I simply explained that I have an extreme love of the Kardashian’s and my real name is Nicole and a lot of people will use the nickname Coco with that name. After that, she told me Khloe is obsessssed with Celsius and it’s been in her fridge many times on the show! I Googled it, it is actually true, SHE LOVES CELSIUS! 

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And buy Celsius HERE!