I have another amazing review from another amazing company that had a booth at this years Expo West & I had to share it with you! The company is called ATZEN & they sent me their Purify Calm & Clear Cleansing Gel which claims it clears pores and has a gentle lather!

Before I get reviewing let me first tell you a little more about ATZEN. “ATZEN starts with the premise that everyone deserves to have healthy skin. We understand the importance of great skin and how it gives one the extra confidence to succeed in life, love, and career. For over two decades, we have been working with industry experts and professionals along with end consumers to make having healthy skin a reality for everyone. Our products are the culmination of decades of research, field experiences, and customer feedback. Our latest reformulation of the entire line was inspired and made possible by recent scientific breakthroughs, ingredients, and advanced technology. We are excited to share them with you!”

At first I was surprised at the cleanser it came out kind of foamy and bubbly where I was totally expecting a super gel like cleanser. (Below is a photo so you can understand what I mean a little more about the consistency.) This completely worked in their favor and ultimately what made the product so great in my opinion! It lathered up so nicely and truly made my skin and pores feel very clean and smooth. It actually reminded me of washing my hands with a foaming soap but of course I was washing my face. This cleanser did all the right things for my skin which were, not making it feel dry, actually giving my skin a nice deep clean without being harsh, and it made my skin feel so soft and gave it the nicest subtle glow! It also didn’t break me out YAYYYY!!! I also have a bonus tip for you, which may be kind of weird! But if you apply this cleanser to a cotton pad and remove your face makeup it all comes off so easily! I was kind of just playing around with it and found out that this worked and was an extra added bonus!

All I can say is if you are in the market for a new cleanser you should absolutely check out ATZEN! You know when you try one product from a brand and know you will not be let down by other products by them? Well, this is one of those brands. I am already eyeing which products I want to try next (I am totally going to be purchasing the Breakout Remedy ASAP!!!!)

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