Aloe Vera - Detox Water*

I wanted to thank the people at Detox Water for sending me a bottle of each flavor of their aloe water! The three flavors include original (lychee & white grape), pinamint (pineapple & mint) and my favorite mangaloe (mango).

Here is a little Detox Water background, 
“Founder, Kenneth Park, has been drinking aloe since his early childhood days and it all stems from his mother. She experienced serious digestive issues and when all recommended medications failed, one doctor suggested trying aloe.
Adding aloe water to her diet not only resolved her stomach problems, but also improved her immune response to these on-going stomach pains. After realizing the plethora of benefits she experienced from ingesting aloe, Ken’s mother shared her aloe smoothies with the rest of her family.
Every morning with breakfast, she would serve her delicious aloe-filled smoothies blended with fruits, and yogurt to neutralize the plant’s naturally bitter taste.”

All I can tell you is that all aloe products are going to be extremely trendy within the next few years, at the expo I was introduced to so many wonderful aloe based products and not one of them let me down. They actually all surprised me, including this Detox Water! This yummy drink has aloe, electrolytes and vitamins, is only 15 calories per serving and it is USDA certified organic. All which are wins in my book!

Aloe alone does such fantastic things for the body and Detox Water gets all of there aloe vera sourced from aloe farms in Texas and Mexico and are certified by both the USDA and International Aloe Science Council. Farmers handpick and harvest a few aloe leaves from each plant to allow for restoration. And from the farm to the bottle, Detox Water has lowered their carbon footprint by sourcing and packing everything in America. How amazing is that?

Aloe vera & Detox Water have anti-inflammatory effects, can help stimulate the growth of good digestive system bacteria, enhance your immunity & improve skins elasticity and fight wrinkles. This is clearly an all in one drink, it tastes really good and it truly can be extremely beneficial to your health. You seriously cannot go wrong when purchasing any of the Detox Water's but if you don't know which one to get they sell a mixed case where you can try them all! I am telling you though, if you like mango and all things fruity you can't go wrong with Mangaloe! 

You can buy a case HERE or find out where you can buy Detox Water near you HERE!

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