FINALLY!! My whole month of Expo West reviews is completely wrapped up but I wanted to of course be extra and make one last post. I wanted to come on here and thank every single one of you for your support, your love and of course your loyalty to me and Keeping Up With Coco! Without each and every one of you I would be living an average life of a 20 year old, but because of all of you I… Keep Reading »

Grab Green*

This one is super out of the norm for me because to be perfectly honest up until my mom broke her shoulder in January. Once she broke her shoulder she gave us a speech of how we really had to step up our game and help her out because lets be honest I don’t think my house would be standing without this woman. (Shout out to queen Lor)! GrabGreen , which is a company that I met at Expo West… Keep Reading »

Mellisa B Naturally*

Today I have my last Expo West beauty related review for you babes! This review is on the company Mellisa B Naturally ! They sent me two products for me to test out and let you know my thoughts on. They are the TriPotency Peptide Serum and the Moisturize and More ! Here is a little back-story for Mellisa B Naturally. “The story of Mellisa B Naturally includes a fondness for fitness, healt… Keep Reading »


I have another amazing review from another amazing company that had a booth at this years Expo West & I had to share it with you! The company is called ATZEN & they sent me their Purify Calm & Clear Cleansing Gel which claims it clears pores and has a gentle lather! Before I get reviewing let me first tell you a little more about ATZEN. “ATZEN starts with the premise that eve… Keep Reading »