Worth The Hype? Molly Cosmetics Original Silisponge

I hope everyone had an absolutely lovely Valentine's Day and I’m back again, shocking, I know, for this weeks post! This week I decided to give my review of the Molly Cosmetics Silisponge! If you have gotten your hands on any silicone sponge let me know in the comments!

So to sum things up I am one of those makeup lovers who sees something new and innovative or even if its just new and cool looking and I must get my hands on it. It actually sweetens it for me at least when products sell out immediately, I then say to myself, well great I’m not the only crazy one out here. Anyway I turned on the Molly Cosmetics Instagram notifications, saw they were having a restock coming up (I got it on the 9th go around) and was at work, got the notification and texted my mom she had to get this. Of course she thought it was a complete scam, which is understandable! A $10 sponge made from silicone coming from Hong Kong, clearly not sketchy at all.

Anyway we waited for a decently long time to get the sponge but I didn’t mind because I knew how high demand the Silisponge was and that it was coming straight from Hong Kong.

Now onto the product! I got it, I washed it, I HATED it. I was so excited; maybe even more then excited to get the sponge in its cute little packaging after waiting weeks to get my hands on it. I tried it multiple times with multiple products thinking maybe its me, not you. Welp, boy was I wrong.

In my opinion this is the exact reason something like this has not been made before, because a little bra insert pad is not meant for putting your precious $30 foundation on with.  For me this product would only be good if you wanted to completely eliminate hand germs from getting on your face. You could simply put your foundation straight to the Silisponge, then dab onto your face and blend as usual. It truly is a waste of money and time and takes longer to use so I just stuck to my regular method after trying to love it multiple times.

It was 100% one of those you must get it products but purely for the fact that it’s just unique and different. It didn’t help me apply my makeup, it didn’t blend out my makeup flawlessly and in my opinion is just a product I can now say I have and have used.
Am I completely crazy or do you feel the same way about the Molly Cosmetics Original Silisponge? Let me know in the comments!

See you next Thursday, or maybe even sooner ;)