Reasons To Love Corinne Olympios

Her contour is always on POINT.

She doesn't like doing farm chores, but what girl does?

She loves shopping.

She doesn't flinch when her total comes out to $3000+ AND THE CLOTHES AREN'T FOR HER.

She always dresses super cute & trendy.

She is so extra, its amazing.

She is sarcastic & funny as hell.

Her body is 50% champagne & 50% human body.

She likes cheesy pasta, not to be mistaken for mac & cheese.

She is one of the only women to ever shove food down her throat on The Bachelor.

She loves cucumbers and olives.

Her daddy's twin is John Lovitz.

She is just like us and she cant walk in heels.

She loves a good nap.
Multiple naps a day is obviously better then one.

She has a nanny named Raquel. BYE.

In all seriousness, I LOVE CORINNE!

She is the token “mean girl” of the season and has a pretty damn good connection with Nick & is the villain who has made it the furthest, (well at least for as long as I’ve been watching). YOU GO CORINNE, YOU FREAKING GO GIRL!