Keeping Up With 2016

2016 was one crazy year to say the least. It had its ups, its downs, its hard times and fantastic moments I will never forget. With this post I want to give you some insight into my more personal 2016, here we go!

I EXPERIENCED JURY DUTY! That was one of the things I will only be able to say I experienced my first jury duty once in my life. Yep, it was jury duty, it's exactly what everyone says it is. I waited, I walked, I walked some more, I waited and eventually left. I know I will experience many more calls for jury duty but sorry, nothing like your first time. 

On my least favorite holiday Valentine's Day I was feeling myself SO hard in my Valentine's Day makeup, OH MY! Exhibit A

I went to my first college basketball game, go St. Johns!

I GOT A PILLOW! Okay now I'm not crazy I swear but my sister, my mom & I have a Joy Mangano obsession and we found her Memory Cloud Warm & Cool Pillow on clearance at Target, damn that was a good day.

I went to my first ever trade show, because of you guys, my blog and my social media. That was unreal and so amazing and I will absolutely never forget my first time at Natural Products Expo West. Shoutout to my assistant & GUESS WHOS GOING AGAIN THIS YEAR. Yes its me. 

They day before the expo started me and my family went to Disneyland AND SAW GWEN STEFANI WALKING AROUND THE PARK NBD.

I also had my first In and Out burger and cheese fries bc I HAD TO. Also Californians put weird stuff on their burgers- BEWARE!

I got my hands on Koko K by Kylie Cosmetics, YAAAAAS!!

I attended a Milk baking class and almost died from sugar overload.

I had the job of Snapchatting for a plastic surgeon, AS MY JOB. I GOT PAID.

I met Regis & Billy Bush and then attended one of the most fun blogging/press events of my year, Beauty Press.

I tried to diet, I failed multiple times.

The highlight of my year was my 20th birthday. I not only got a year older, I got tickets to a Jimmy Fallon taping ON MY ACTUAL BIRTHDAY. He also wished me a happy birthday and held my hand. DEAD. PS his hands are soft AF.

I spent quite a lot of times with my besties! I LOVE MY BESTIES, what the hell would I do without them?

I spent approximately 166 hours watching my favorite family YouTube vloggers, SacconeJolys & ItsJudysLife.

I SAT FRONT ROW AT A 5 SECONDS OF SUMMER CONCERT. Courtesy of my sister Franni because SHES THE BOMB DOT COM. I met Luke's mom and heard and watched the live world premier of Girls Talk Boys. Shoutout to Andrew for this photo! 

I met my first online friend in real life, YAY FOR BEING SOCIAL! Well kind of.

I went to Chicago, one of my top five favorite cities in the world! UGH Chicago you have my heart, but only in the summer. I don't do the cold, also note I'm a New York girl saying this aka why I hibernate in the winter.

I brunched, yes I brunched multiple times and cannot wait to brunch when I'm 21 and drown in mimosas and waffles.

I attended New York Fashion Week and got to see the Supima Design Show! NYFW has my heart! Ugh I just love everything about it.

I also attended Natural Products Expo East, which was amazing and my first time to Baltimore!


I attended a taping of Match Game, which is my favorite updated game show! I will tweet when my episode is airing. I say my episode like I was on the show but I was just in the audience. Fun fact: the Game Show Network is the channel my TV is preset to and I literally am ALWAYS watching or hearing Family Feud.

I bought a shit ton of makeup, like way too much, like WAAAAAY TO MUCH. 

I also bought way to many things on Black Friday; I am now broke but ITS COOL.

And to top it all off, I rang in 2017 with my best friends who were also featured earlier and could not be happier to start 2017 and make this year, my best year ever!

2016 was unlike any other year and it was amazing! Like the fact that I can count 20+ things just by going through my camera roll (basic.) is amazing and I could not be more thankful. I make it my mission every year to make the current year better then my last, I have a lot of work to do and need to top some amazing things but stay along for my journey. I can assure you I wont disappoint.

Side note: if you are interested in seeing any more in depth posts about any one thing I mentioned comment which one and ill happily write it!!