January 19, 2017

6 Reasons I'm A Bad Beauty Blogger

I completely owe this post to two beautiful ladies, SamanthaMarch a YouTuber, the first channel I saw this video on and then I read Katie’s post about this and totally stole this idea from them! I wont take any credit but I will totally use there amazing idea and put my own spin on it! Here are six reasons why I’m a bad, sometimes awful beauty blogger!

1. Like mentioned in my last post I rarely do my hair and makeup and if you saw me running errands you will see my hair in a bun and a completely naked face. I pretty much do my makeup when I feel like doing it for photos, obviously or if I’m going out for a special occasion. That special occasion is also never my weekly Target run. This is the main reason people give me so much crap about buying so much makeup! You would think most beauty bloggers and vloggers go glam for everyday errands or for work and you could very well be right but not this beauty blogger!

2. You would also think omg beauty bloggers and vloggers that aren’t MUA’s must watch so many YouTube videos to learn how to do their makeup. Also not me! I primarily watch two family vloggers, beauty hauls and product reviews. It is very rare that you will you find me actually watching a makeup tutorial and if I do, it’s to get ideas and not to necessarily learn things. Like when I first got my Naked 3 palette I watched Shaaanxo’s tutorial video to see which colors best went together.

3. I am complete shit and taking nice photos of my makeup. Excuse my language but for the absolute life of me when I take photos of my makeup or eye look it looks horrendous and I can’t use it for anything! I’m hoping now with my fancy schmancy ring light ill be able to take better photos. PRAY FOR ME!

4. I have a skincare routine which consist of 5 products, I only get my nails done when they are either cracking off or if a special occasion is coming up, I don’t moisturize regularly, or exfoliate for that matter, I don’t do face masks every week, I don’t whiten my teeth with a super cute sponsored light, I don’t discount get codes for every brand that exists and I also do not have a million lit candles in my house at all times. You may think this is the norm for a beauty blogger or vlogger but GIRL, its not.
Disclaimer: I may just actually be a horrible blogger but this life doesn’t exist, does it?

5. I have horrible brows, basically they have zero tail to them and I am also not the greatest at filling them in. Somehow my sister has BOMB brows and literally does nothing to them and I have to deal with mine looking bald on an everyday basis. Keeping on trend I also have horrible hair, hence why it ends up in a bun 7 out of the 7 days a week. I literally have gotten chemicals put in my hair to tame it since my 5th grade graduation and I am now 20 and still doing chemical treatments at least twice a year.  I have kinky, wavy and thick hair, yes that combination is possible and yes I hate it. My ends are lovely and straight but my roots are a literal nightmare. You know that line you see on girls who don’t straighten every inch of their hair? Well think that times fifty. My root line is intense AF! Also my sister has perfect hair, DAMN YOU FRANNI.

6. Lastly, I do not have a million and one dollars to spend on makeup every time a new product or product line comes out. Like Kylie’s peach palette is going on sale again today and the Anastasia lip palette went on sale earlier this week. I wish I could buy literally every launch but I cant like most normal people. I need to spend money on realistic things and not on my 20th eyeshadow palette that consists of the same colors in the last palette I bought. Mom, if you are reading this clearly the Kylie and Too Faced peach palettes are completely different but called the same thing, trust me.

TAADAH, 6 reasons why I am a bad beauty blogger but also just a realistic 20 year old girl trying to live life. I thought this would be a fun post and show you guys how hilarious I am in real life. Duh. No, just kidding, even though I’m totally not. Let me know if you would like more fun posts like this and also let me know what kind of YouTube videos you want to see from me! I literally have no idea where to start!

Hope you enjoyed and see you next Thursday beauties!
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