6 Reasons I'm A Bad Beauty Blogger

I completely owe this post to two beautiful ladies, SamanthaMarch a YouTuber, the first channel I saw this video on and then I read Katie’s post about this and totally stole this idea from them! I wont take any credit but I will totally use there amazing idea and put my own spin on it! Here are six reasons why I’m a bad, sometimes awful beauty blogger! 1. Like mentioned in my last post… Keep Reading »

10 Things You Didn't Know About Me

Happy Thursday!! We almost made it to Friday, one more day! Today I was feeling in the mood to post something random and thought why not do a post about 10 things you didn't know about me but I also want to know something I didn’t know about you, comment below! Reality television is my EXTREME guilty pleasure but secretly crime shows are my absolute favorite! Anything crime and creep… Keep Reading »

Keeping Up With 2016

2016 was one crazy year to say the least. It had its ups, its downs, its hard times and fantastic moments I will never forget. With this post I want to give you some insight into my more personal 2016, here we go! I EXPERIENCED JURY DUTY! That was one of the things I will only be able to say I experienced my first jury duty once in my life. Yep, it was jury duty, it's exactly what ev… Keep Reading »